Kindergarten: The Musical [by Random Encounters]


Making friends in Kindergarten can be a matter of life and death. Meet even more of Kindergarten’s students in Part 2! ➤


(Did you find The Beard in every musical? Tell us his timecode in the comments!)

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Check out my new yo-yo!
I think it’s pretty sweet…

It only costs a dollar!
My prices can’t be beat!

I’ll trade you for a Hall Pass!

I’ll be your gorgeous wife!

I’ll help you kill our teacher,
With a giant, scary knife.

See the blood
On the cart!
It’s from us!
We’re in juvenile jeopardy!

We’re small,
But we’re smart!
Let’s unite
And we’ll start a little kindergarten coup!

Here’s a Vegan Biscuit
Cause I don’t deal with meat.
I got it from my boyfriend,
Cause he is oh-so-sweet!

Peep this laser pointer!
I know, it’s pretty sick!

Hey! Give me that, you tinker,
Or I’ll kill you with this stick!

We’re too young!
And too spry!
To be killed!
We’re a Teenybop battalion!

We know
We may die,
But we still
Gotta try a little kindergarten coup!

Once a young student
Was not very prudent
With where he dropped his slop!

So I went and grabbed him,
And brutally stabbed him
With this here very mop!

Well, I give gold stars
to kids who are
My special little rats!

Although, if you make me
Miss my break,
I’ll poison all you brats!

This is Nugget’s nugget,
Possessed by Nugget’s friends!
It signifies our friendship,
and causes lives to end.

I got this creepy paper,
Which I think might be a note–

Oh, I love a good love letter!
Shall we read what Nugget wrote?

Nugget says NO!

We’re all brats
In a bind!
Cause our school
Wants us for experiments!

We know
What we’ll find
But we won’t
Be resigned to being Kindergarten

To exploit!
Now’s our time!
We’re an infantile infantry!

We’re here
To destroy
This whole school!
So enjoy our little kindergarten coup!

  1. Shrepy And Friends says

    Mrs Jigglytits Is Back

  2. Desmond Cullen says

    Traffic cone, koopa shell, bendy, Rubik's cube,

  3. Desmond Cullen says

    Scavenger hunt put the timestamp for the items.

  4. Zacky Zhen says


  5. Bertha Gee says


  6. Jordan Goodspeed says

    Hey why not make kindergarten 2 song

  7. Æxus GAMING says

    1:58 bruh moment

  8. Delta Bruno says

    Nugget likes Nuggets

  9. Lady Serepis says

    The kindergarteners.Don’t know what.Dramatic means.But they know.What nugget.Is all about.Now that is talent.

  10. Minitoon Games says


  11. Hunter Sour says

    0:12 Yoyo used: Yomega Fireball

  12. [ Mae-nly Creative ] says

    The lyrics should've been like the dialogue bubble thingys in Kindergarten, but the song is amazing and catchy!!

  13. Nam Nong says

    Cool. I am a kid

  14. weebish weeb says

    That's the same laser pointer I use for my cat…

  15. The Alpha Squad says

    Now I want Chicken

  16. Red_Genesect says

    i think every single character was a.j.

  17. Лена Тян says

    When you seat in quarantine too long

  18. Beşir Gaming says

    Please make me fameus

  19. Liam Zezenski says

    T H R O W H E R I N T H E N U G G E T C A V E

  20. King Wolf_YT says

    All: but we are smart!The main character: aren’t you all being a little dramatic We don’t even know what that means

  21. Ketchup Catch3r says

    He got bendy 2:22

  22. Atrion Wootton says

    I FOUND THE BEARD 2:56 on one of the cards!!!

  23. lil paupau says

    I love the subtitles it works perfectly


    Buggs: I can help you kill Are teacher with this giant precious knifePurple guy:CAN I HELP!!! ???Rest of the class:USE TO!!Rest of the Afton family:USE TO!!All the fnaf character:USE TOO!!!Teacher panicking: Oh shish I’m fricked up…


    Who is your favorite character in Kindergarten mine is Nugget he is scary and I could use that against my little sisters ?

  26. jay jay foster says

    Me realizes AJ did every character WHAAAAAAA

  27. Ultimate 978 says

    It’s funny cuz most of them is the same person

  28. Plushies Cartoon says

    You’re doing all that just for a yo-yo

  29. Adrina Rosario says

    This is nuggets nugget ???? THAT GOT ME LAUGHING SO HARD

  30. Nathalia Dauenhauer says

    Kindergarten is cool ?

  31. The Throwersx4 says

    :0 nugget can i be your friend :>

  32. April’s Box says

    Nugget says “DONT READ THE LETTER! >/////<“ (ill name her Ella) Ella: Ok ^w^

  33. Robert Price says

    Throw her in the Nugget cave ???

  34. Eli Vision says


  35. Amelia Sweeton says

    Everybody: battle mode activated

  36. Andy Lowley says

    I really like nugget best one

  37. fun fun fred boi says

    Throw her in the nugget cave!!

  38. Skylar San says

    Throw her in the nugget cave

  39. e r says

    Lmao, the teacher is the best

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