KINDERGARTEN 2: The Musical [by Random Encounters]


Penny’s on the prowl for contraband! The first lesson of Kindergarten? Don’t trust the principal’s android daughter… Part 2 of Kindergarten: The Musical!


PART 1 ➤

Guitars, mix, and master by FamilyJules. Listen to more of his tunes ➤

This video was filmed with permission at Sangamon on Main in Mahomet, Illinois. Thank you to the property owners and occupants for allowing us to invade their space for a crazy production!

And a MASSIVE thank you to Mahomet Public Library and its director, John Howard, as well as our friend Malcolm. Without their help, this musical would not exist.

Lastly, if you didn’t get all the references, here’s an easy solution: go play Kindergarten 2! ➤

(Did you find The Beard in every musical? Tell us his timecode in the comments!)

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I see you’ve been acquainted
With the terror of our school.
You’ll have to deal with Penny
If you try to break the rules…

Don’t bother lying. (She won’t really buy it…)
Cause Penny can tell. (So say farewell, you liar-)
Constantly spying… . (And oh-so-quiet!)
Better be in your class at the sound of the bell!

Something is up with Penny…
How’d she find all my contraband?
If you’re busted one time too many,
Don’t be fooled by her guise,
She’s armed with laser beam eyes!
Beware of Penny…

I’m killing my twin brother;
His inheritance is mine!
But if Penny tells her mother,
Then my head is on the line…

Don’t take her dolly, (there’s something inside it!)
Or she’ll be on your case. (in any case, you’re dead!)
Don’t let her catch you . (you’d better go hide it!)
give green goo to the hag, or she’ll blow off your face!

Busted again by Penny!
She’s a radar in a dress…
She can metal detect most any-
-thing you’ve got up your sleeve
Without a single reprieve!
Oh snap! It’s Penny!

I would gladly kill
for some pills,
But they’ve still
Been banned by Penny…

Flinging food’s
Got me screwed
again… (Penny’s gonna catch ya! Here she comes to get ya!)
Someone tell this tyke
“Take a hike!”

This is, like,
My fourteenth lighter…

Found this in the rubbish!
Mommy wants you punished…

That’s my precious girl!

Nugget needs these Nuggets
To fill his Nugget Cave!
But if Penny catches Nugget,
they’ll become my Nugget grave…

Out of the girls’ room! (Don’t hang out with Lily!)
Let’s break Monty’s chair… (his medicare will fix it!)
She’d look amazing… (And slightly silly!)
Wearing some of my gum in her dumb, ugly hair…

Better watch out for Penny!
She’s a breathing body scan…
We had better steer clear of Penny,
Or she’ll ruin our day
In the most lethal of ways-
Don’t mess with Penny!

(Watch out for Penny!)
(Can’t hide from Penny!)
(Inhuman Penny!)

Come Play with Me by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

  1. Random Encounters says

    A quick shout-out to everyone who met up with us at Mahomet Public Library during filming for this musical! We miss all of you — especially the library director, John, and our handler, Malcolm, who both pulled a ton of strings to help us make this video! We hope everyone enjoys this as much as our first Kindergarten song! Remember to find The Beard while you watch! BEARD SALUTE!

  2. Shrepy And Friends says

    Throw JigglyTits In The Nugget Cave

  3. Anna Wiśniewska says


  4. THOMAS LANCE says

    Did you see filx and ted Then ted is now filx What is with thatAlso Mommy thanks your rubbishy Mommy wants you punished

  5. Looper Plays OMG ROBLOX says

    Haha haha penny says to bugs: uh oh,mommy says eat your healthys. Bugs copy’s,kinda: momashash eatohappis 1:14

  6. Tuyết Lê Thị says

    "A do week on AJ? wanna play to AJ?"

  7. Candas Brown says

    me kid

  8. Candas Brown says

    can you go to new mexico at artesia i think i can help because im on my moms account

  9. Smellavision says

    Weird and twisted. How is this sick song for kids?

  10. Lady Serepis says

    Can we just acknowledge AJ’s girl voice please?

  11. Dark Heart Horse #Peace says

    I know this video was a long time ago but…..why does "Penny" Look Like Cinderella Thats My Question Unless Shes Related to her? who else agrees with me?

  12. Catacorn_love _uwu says

    Aj playd EVERONE i dont even know HOW

  13. Nam Nong says


  14. Quỳnh như says


  15. vishwajeet shipate says

    kinder garden is my school s name??????????????????????????????????????????????????????☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️

  16. Madison chae Lee says

    Who love nugget he is awesome

  17. Tricia Beech says

    Hi random encounters!!! The kindergarten musicals are my favorite!!! I LOVED this one!!! But I do have one question for Aj: why was Monty in a wheelchair? I REALLY would love to know!!!

  18. DCSuperstar2011 says

    Who likes the 14 liter part

  19. SenGia says

    fun fact: they actually had to ask a kindergarten owner for this musical

  20. Floof Lord says

    I watched this song before playing kindergarden 2 and after 100 percenting it. 10/10 would recommend

  21. MemerAlbert says

    Nugget chouldve easily said they’ll become nugget’s nugget grave

  22. SYIA AND RATI says

    All kids same Face….

  23. Guball says

    Imagine someone who hasn’t seen this channel before and wondering why everyone is the same

  24. SomeThingPlaysRoblox says

    should've been renamed to "Penny the musical".. cause most of this musical is about her…

  25. OMG sukieplayz YT says

    how did Monty get in the weelchair

  26. ArtsyVibez says

    I was wondering if they would show Nugget. He is ny favorite character

  27. The Smurfs Movie as Toys says

    did aj put the fork on outlet aj will die

  28. Richard Norden says

    0:36 HOW DID U EDIT THAT SO GOODShoutout to the editing

  29. e r says

    but if penny catches nugget, they'll become my nugget grave thats the best line i have ever heard

  30. Adam's Channel says


  31. Stephen Carden says

    Lol ?his is sad

  32. MR. Rampage says

    I Love Felix part

  33. Dong Adamas says

    Penny is cinderrela

  34. kiwi panda58 says

    I wonder, did they attualy have to rent a hole diddly darn school just for this musical??

  35. Haley Alpin says


  36. Lucas Vanzandt says

    I actually sung this at my school, and everyone in my homeroom loved it…

  37. Azra Torun says

    HeLLoneybur2 HeLLogesti

  38. Gabriel Zaharia says

    Why does Felix sound like a demon ? XD

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