1. the SageModeAady says

    Nice vid

  2. MEGIDIOT says


  3. sasukexnaruxsakura says

    WTF O-o This lady is stupid/crazy.

  4. Danny Elsey says

    This dosent look like shinobi striker

  5. J R.P. says


  6. UniversalEO says

    "yOu dO nOT rEfUsE CuStOmeR sErViCe"

  7. MrMoGa96 says

    Gosh just let her catch a little bit of That covid 19 baby and she‘ll gonna be dead af man

  8. Crimson X says

    Imagine wanting to die this badly

  9. Sgn Izzy says


  10. Daruto the drugkage says

    ventus is drppy srry its trend i started and “You don’t refuse customer service”😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  11. cherrrypoptartss says

    look at her nails

  12. UniversalEO says

    She got to be the most dumb ass grandma ever 😂

  13. Kennyrama says

    That’s not even a Karen that’s a Mildred 😂

  14. IQ-rockz says

    She old so if she catch it she gon die hell better quit playin

  15. 55mocscarecrow says

    She definitely voted for Trump

  16. OB Sneakyツ says


  17. Fireify says

    lmfao let me see somebody try this shit and they getting kicked out

  18. DrSoda says

    And it is reasons like this the virus keeps spreading.

  19. # Savage viewer says

    Ventus was probably trying not to laugh 😂

  20. Chris Beltran says

    The stupidity of ppl in 2020, we wear masks to keep each other safe, mainly to protect ppl like her old ass from getting corona and dying, like god ppl are so dumb 🤦🏽‍♂️

  21. SGN _VXPER ツ says

    Just put the damn mask on

  22. Games_for_bros says

    I’ve gotten so good at kicking people out of my store for this foolishness. 😂

  23. William Davie says

    flip that Karen I bet she voted for trump.

  24. [SGN}10thHokage says

    I wonder if she's racist, probably is

  25. Titan 360 says


  26. MIM says

    not a Karen a confused older woman. Show some kindness.

  27. Zechariah Chandler says

    Bruh like this women needs to quit playing people dying from covid-19 and her hard headed ah up in here not wearing a mask we don't know what u got

  28. o o f says

    I can't say nun, i don't be wearing masks either 😭 i haven't since the start and I've been perfectly fine lol

  29. Cryptiix says

    Bro that old woman is dumb as fuck. These are private companies, they can refuse customer service for not wearing a mask. People do not have right to do anything they want, the company makes the rules.

  30. FXKazo says

    Bruh I think She stuck in the past lol

  31. uvuuu says

    Dont mess with texas

  32. BLACK STAR says

    I got sick just by watching 🤣🤣

  33. KwaniiDahGamer says

    Wow take this down you just help the Elite

  34. TheBest says

    He can refuse customer service if you are a threat

  35. taveos Jonez says

    Lmao do more 🍻

  36. DoonY says

    Karens are a whole other species

  37. Manabe says

    “Fair enough”

  38. Eluxer says

    Lmaooo bro what

  39. Spirał says

    Bruh wtf

  40. Demon Prince2 says

    Don’t refuse customer service I’m dying inside 😂😂😂

  41. quay 2k says

    Brroooo that's tuuff😂😂😂

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