Kansas Basketball is READY to WIN a TITLE! (How Good Can They Be?)


Last year’s Kansas squad got robbed of a potential national title, so this year’s squad is ready to get back and show the college basketball world they are legit, so just how good can they be?


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  1. Scott Fisher says

    What team should i do next?

  2. Matt Koppy says

    Rock chalk!

  3. ALABAMA MAN!!! says

    Could you do one about Alabama basketball I think they really have a chance to do something great this year!!!!

  4. ALABAMA MAN!!! says

    you make the best sports videos in my opinion. deserve a lot more credit for the stuff you do!

  5. DG 23 says

    I'm sharing your channel around bro! Really hoping that you stick with the CBB videos. I would make some videos discussing Draft sleepers from this year, since its a fresh topic. Also, make videos that appeal to the whole CBB community. Doing certain teams here and there is cool, But you're really limiting yourself with only that particular fanbase that will watch the vids. Try to incorporate some content that gets the whole community involved. Looking good so far!

  6. sean largey says

    I don’t follow college basketball or the nba, but hell just watching all your vids 😂

  7. Marilou Navida says

    Silvio de sousa wont return this season.

  8. Elijah Roberson says

    I don’t know Kansas kind of seem overrated last year I felt like Rick Barnes out coach Bill self last year it would be interesting to see what happens this year when they play

  9. Hop 4 life says

    Can you do an evaluation on Jeff Capel and Pitt

  10. Ky Heel says

    It’s bill self he always chokes

  11. The Victors Podcast says

    Nice Video, and I’m not trying to hate but haven’t they been good forever haha?

  12. BKnudsen5 says

    Love the videos. Just a suggestion- you should match the video with what you’re talking about. I’d love to see the faces with the names so I can learn the players easier. Thanks!

  13. Mario Montoya says

    Ku got robbed of a title this year

  14. DG 23 says

    Keep up the grind!

  15. Resurekt says

    They pay their players enough

  16. Victor Fernandez // Bigdestroyer says

    Kansas is just too good, I love them too much, a winning team every year, an NCAA tournament team every year and lets just hope that they could capture an NCAA Tournament championship since it’s been over 12 years since they have won a title and I would love to see that again.

  17. Bob Patterson says

    I hate Kansas
    It’s mutual

  18. Logan Shory says


  19. Brenden Bennefield says

    Do Alabama next

  20. Tanner O'Neal #55 says

    Kansas is my favorite team and I live in kansas

  21. Ruse Healy says

    Right when I saw the title I clicked on the video. We up next. Let’s go KU

  22. Scott Fisher says
  23. p_malandra88 says


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