K-Style #3 – Sexy Diva Fashion


Ga-In, Hyori, Hyuna…they all have one thing in common! This week in “Fashion Fix”, K-Style shows you where all your favorite sexy divas shop! From clothes to accessories to shoes, “Fashion Fix” takes you to the fashion hotspots in Korea. Stay tuned!
K-Style is a program that sensibly introduces the latest in Korean beauty trends, fashion, and life style! A Korean lifestyle show led by fashion model, Irene, and fashion stylist, Sarah.

  1. Keelie Kingi says

    I miss this sort of fashion, anyone else?

  2. Mirrored Dance Videos says

    Who’s the girl at 0:14

  3. Winnie Yu says

    What stores did they go to????

  4. Priscilla Vega says

    Haha their like best friends "can you buy it for me " 😂

  5. no no says

    I want everything in this shop but I'm 13 and fucking broke. I only have $145.50.

  6. KayleenIsKpopTrash says


  7. 安娜Ana says

    What r the names of the shops can someone please tell me!

  8. Karen Adorio says

    If you hate Irene because she's like a fake and gold digger, then keep your mouth shut. Think twice. She's rich so why would she acts fake just for the money? You don't like the way she acts right? Well how about you? You should call your self a racist because you're judging her personality. Irene is contented of what she have so you don't have the right to say trash words to her because you're just a nobody.

  9. Angel Yoon says

    Irene somehow looks like Dara. For me?

  10. AN says

    lol am i the only one who thinks the hosts r great? i mean tf calling irene fake? all she did is following the script and stuffs, and she looks pretty lovely and lively just a bit awkward with her english. just because some people doesn't act the way you want you cant judge them to be fake and annoying.

  11. Chelsy Vizcarra says

    Why is there so much hate for these 2 I actually pretty much like their attitude

  12. K-Canna Queen says

    Is this US dollars or…..

  13. Melodious Lotus says

    Lol…I love watching this show! I wonder if they run new episodes

  14. Hana LJH says

    I want these shops too T.TShops here, EVEN BRANDS, have so fucking ugly and simple as heck clothes, shoes, etc >< Nothing to suit my style UGH T.T

  15. Jackson Slate says

    It's such a shame that these 2 have no chemistry as hosts.

  16. Dana Banana says

    What's the song being played at 4:30?

  17. BexiieB says

    geez.. Irene – name of that asian girl… is such a faker! seems to be a bit of an attention seeker and gold digger

  18. iamking urnot says

    5:45 i want.

  19. Blairtje13 says

    They're such idiots and not even fun to watch.

  20. Pixie says

    Irene is beautiful and acts so cute and childish haha

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