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Jordan’s life is actually mad, like what?!


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  1. T1256 Tg says

    He does not rob houses and innocent people he’s not a scruff, he’s done armed robbery’s on post offices cash boxes and jewellers and other drug dealers , he’s broken his friends out of prison band with a shot gun Ryan macdonald and stevie McMullen

  2. ChubbZ says

    U should react to Skrapz daily duppy it just come out

  3. Haider Farooq says

    React to Blackjack Uk ft Pavia – Life Diary underated artist and song its deep

  4. N17 Lee says

    Great reactions !!!

  5. Zac Gorman says

    He made this tune, got recalled to jail, came out a year later and done the FITB.

  6. jake campbell says

    Really enjoy your reactions hope you blow up with YouTube 💯 Jeep being yourself and make good reactions

  7. Local Homeboy M says

    React to Dappy – Straight factsThis one is a must

  8. aseer _ says

    D block eurupe home pu**y please react to it 😂

  9. Arrif Khan says

    React to Jordan fuck rappers

  10. Danielpearman says

    Jordan came out of jail released lifestyle went back to jail and released 2 tracks while in jail . Old friends and took me back , came out of jail released fuck rapper then the fire in the booth

  11. Y̷U̷N̷G̷O̷N̷E̷ 7 says

    react to jordan fuck rappers

  12. Y̷U̷N̷G̷O̷N̷E̷ 7 says

    ur really good to watch

  13. Ishmum Hussain says

    Lisn to Alz the truth

  14. Ishmum Hussain says

    Lisn to Alz The Truth

  15. rayhaan1ace says

    React to Remz isolation

  16. rayhaan1ace says

    React to Jordan took me back

  17. Nahan Parker says

    Do tunde voice of the streets he's another from manny you'll rate it highly

  18. SimplyLucky123 says

    It's an awkward one lmao

  19. Leeds Media tv says

    React to Tom zanetti and silky flight mode

  20. Sjames 1498 says

    Tunde crash bandicoot

  21. Leeds Media tv says

    Do jj esko fiends to fans man on a mission Stickes and stones

  22. Hello There says

    React to JJ Esko – Hype on the MicAnd Caps – Bounce Back 🙏

  23. Hanz R says

    swear you were on like 12 subs when you uploaded that caps daily duppy reaction. almost at 1k. big up yourself

  24. Talhah says

    React to 100s1000s Casper and lonsey

  25. Nahan Parker says

    Big respect for this one

  26. Bramdom Becky says

    Yup sexy

  27. Nyle says

    Talking to his brother in prison

  28. Atom CraZe says

    Meekz in the video aswell

  29. Connor says

    Meekz- Mad about bars

  30. GHXXT says

    I dont think hes going into random peoples houses i think its other dealers and that

  31. Blastteh says

    He doesn’t rob innocent people.

  32. Bassline Warper says

    He did this got sent back to prison old friends came out while he was in prison his fire in the booth was after he got out

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