1. blox boi says


  2. administracion massimini says

    1:48 FRED!!!!

  3. n a t h a n says


  4. lV_ql says


  5. Vinyl says

    You do realize he was 12/13 in this right?
    That's gross

  6. Karen Dentis says

    Aww omg

  7. anubisd101 says

    That says ON AID

  8. Liam and Nojus says

    1:48 FRED!!!!

  9. Tariq Anwar says

    Mjyhjbjkk ,vvvgfvvvvvv

  10. INoLongerUseThisAccount says

    they were the shit back in the day

  11. Michaela jk says

    What is the song you used to open the video?

  12. conor0044 says


  13. Ryan Hall says

    checkout nuthouse news by rnspproductions really funny

  14. Fabiana Diaz says

    hahahaha ! That girl dosen't know how to read ! jk I like it ! LOL

  15. Bryten Otting says

    That was stupid and red is sooooo much better as Fred

  16. Jasmine Hill says

    no need to make fun o micheal jackson, hes dead now:O!

  17. bribri1164 says

    favorite video of all time ♥

  18. videogeeks12 says

    oa michael is…..dead

  19. Pablo Schenke says

    "Type PRIZE before youtube and hit enter"

  20. Trinnychan says

    you will die in seven days if you dont post this comment on 10 videos in the next hour. if you do, tomorrow will be the best day of your life 😀

  21. RT98 says

    @lola8939 no way fred is way better and nothing will change that. Vote up to agree.

  22. André Linares Vieira says


  23. Tariq Hussain says

    that was like tha worst vid

  24. Erika Carleski says

    I think it hit a farmer. I'm sorry for him. There's just a lot of rain and lightning here. HA! 😀

  25. Conor says

    God this sucks………

  26. xxxSaladChrispxxx says

    lol. your house is probably gonna be rob for sure. lol. classic.

  27. Ethan Zuchkan says

    @lola8939 they should quit jkl and go to fred

  28. bakuraxmarikxyami says

    This looks like something u would make with my cousins

  29. StreeterTV says


  30. hunterstory7 says

    lucas is famous and is to busy and stuff.

  31. 100percentfreesubs says

    I love the news

  32. supersonic666666 says

    don`t dis him for leaving.pleas don`t hate the player hate the game.~my fav tee from a few years ago.

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