JImmy Ball, Soccer Training Ball


The Jimmy Ball is a soccer practice ball that has a cord sewn in. The cord has 2 length adjusters so that this soccer training aid will fit all soccer players. It’s easy to adjust and serves many purposes. Whether you need to improve your kicking and passing techniques, warm-up before your game or get a little soccer exercise in at home. The Jimmy Ball is your soccer friend!

No hands soccer training Ball. Learn key soccer kicking and ball control techniques. Use it anywhere. Great soccer practice ball because it is fun. Great for home soccer practice.

Each Jimmy Ball includes a poster with 21 soccer exercises. You will get approximately 60 touches per minute. Thats a lot of practice in a short period of time.

Here are the Drills and Techniques on your Home Training Poster:
1. Inside Push Pass and Volley Technique Drill
2. Instep Shot and Volley Technique Drill
3. Outside Volley Technique Drill
4. 3 Techniques Combined Drill
5. Inside Push Pass and Volley 180 Drill
6. Outside Volley 180 Drill
7. Outside / Inside Combination Drill
8. Behind the Back Drill
9. Outside / Inside BB Drill
10. Side Volley BB Drill
11. Side Volley 1 and 2 Touch Drill
12.Back Heel Drill / Technique
13. Field Vision / Peripheral Vision Drill
14. Circle Pattern Drill
15. Moving with Ball Drill
16. Advanced Behind the Back Drill
17. Free Play Drill to Develop Quick Natural Reaction Using Learned Techniques
18. Shielding Technique Drill
19. Advanced Free Play Drill
20. Outside – Outside Technique Drill
21. 2 Ball Technique for the Most Advanced Players!

Its better than the hand held soccer training balls because you don’t use your hands run Soccer!

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