Jeremy's Health and Safety FAIL: BMW M3 0-60 mph | Top Gear Live UK


Jeremy has come up with a new stunt for the Top Gear Live show and expects it’ll be amazing. James and Richard however are certain its not going to work. Take a look behind the scenes with our exclusive videos and stay tuned to #TGLRehearsals to see how we get on.

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  1. Stefan T says

    He would have only killed about 16 people with that stunt. Which is perfectly acceptable when you want to show off your BMW.

  2. Brucie says

    I can, this is a BMW M3… in the world.

  3. Kapitan Żbik says

    You know it's E36 when headlights are full of water vapour XD

  4. Bence Gábor Slezák says

    How can a petrol head do that to an E36 M3?????

  5. Jacob Awad says

    Is it too late to book tickets?

  6. John Skinner says

    Those are worth 100 k now

  7. V K says

    Speeed and powwaaa

  8. Gabriel Vieira says

    You cônt

  9. Turbo says

    Thanks Youtube in 2020. Now give me my damn ticket

  10. Jonathan Zuege says


  11. Roblox_craft guy says

    That’s my favorite bmw m3

  12. M Pa says

    As much as I love Top Gear it hurts to see that E36 crash into a pile of chairs

  13. K Wang says

    Another scripted TG moment.

  14. TheOrisya says

    The car need some stickers

  15. The Mask says

    Think isnt in your tank jeremy

  16. Nauman Javed says

    It would have been perfectly acceptable if he was in a Mustang.

  17. Astir01 says

    Great stunt which needs quite a number of stuntmen sitting on these chairs.

  18. Scottish Always Dixie says


  19. Gabriel Vieira says

    I can

  20. Josip Vidović says

    Fogged up headlights like every classic 36😂

  21. Average 3323 says


  22. Alex says

    E36 with misty headlights lol

  23. Dr Love says


  24. The Inappropriate Gentleman says

    He's failed before judging by the foggy headlights

  25. Christian Vogler says


  26. UGU Zach says

    "I can, this is a BMW M3"

    Is this sentence planted into the head of every BMW driver?

    "You can't turn without signalling"
    "I can, this is a BMW 330i"

    "You can't drive through yellow lights"
    "I can, this is a BMW X6"

    "You can't go 90 in a 30 zone"
    "I can, this is a BMW M5"

    "You can't drive through crosswalks while people are crossing"
    "I can, this is a BMW Z4"

  27. Dr. Kostakious says

    My favoute M3

  28. Dr. Kostakious says

    My favoute M3

  29. thembinkosi samuel says

    He would have if the floor wasnt slippery…

  30. The YOUTUBE Elite says

    I miss them

  31. Kavafy says


  32. Rank S pilot, Tatenashi says

    I cant find the M3 , cuz its blended into the chairs

  33. Stuff&Things says

    How about putting Jeremy in a Canon with nappy full of poo for a helmet. I'd go see that yep

  34. Erhan Achmad says

    I can

  35. Alejandro Montoya montoya says

    k tenporada es eate capitulo y esta en eapñol?

  36. E36 Enthusiast says

    Can someone tell me where is Jeremy ? We need to talk NOW!!!!!

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