Is this the future of health? | The Economist


Artificial intelligence is already shaping the world, from driverless cars to dating. But according to Dr Eric Topol, a pioneer in digital medicine, perhaps its greatest impact will be on people’s health.

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  1. rupesh rupwate says

    Will it make humans immortal the upcoming future 😱😜

  2. Niko Belic says

    Some investor said surgeons and doctors won’t be needed In 2035… but I think it’s hype
    What do y’all think?

  3. Medpick says

    Hi! Check out more videos on the advancement of technology in medical equipment and health innovations on our channel

  4. KimchiBBQ친구 says

    Can't wait ♥ AI revolution🙏🙈🌏

  5. jliu says

    5000 dollars a night?

  6. faheem shaikh says

    Human himself preparing for sucide


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  8. Alex Burugorri says

    Pire video de tous les temps

  9. peanut12345 says

    Digital medicine is like a brand new car, with the same salesman and hype.

  10. cayden mongolo says

    have they never seen terminator?

  11. Jose Ignacio Osorio Ponce says


  12. Charlton Blake says

    The hospital scene is one of the most rigid entities and changing it will be a very slow process due to the laws and oversight agencies as well as privacy concerns that bog down any kind of innovation.


    Don't believe nothing a liberal rag writes

  14. dante chersi says

    western medicine make people sick like never bifore in medicine big farma poison people doktor just doit folow big farma slave of them

  15. OneLike YouBer says

    Bad idea.

  16. SEAN KUBAGE says


  17. john dede says

    The greedy pharmaceuticals will either assimilate or do whatever to suppress this…people rarely care about patients and diseases …ts all about earnings and profits to shareholders

  18. first Impression says

    In the future humans won't have biologic bodies. That is if they still exist at all of course.

  19. Karina Matei says

    i do not like this idea. i would prefer real surgeons. because this is what i want to become.

  20. adventure kids toronto says

    Noooooo whatc about uninployment

  21. Victoria says

    Where is the plan of depopulation ? Canada has a whacked health care system that kills people more than treating them. My dad was killed by Sunnybrook hospital doctors and nurses. They are a bunch of crooks who only care for money, run by the same people who run the White House.
    They control pharmaceutical companies, hospitals.

  22. BitchHunter Boi says

    I think you shouldn’t put all your faith into Machines and people can stop being lazy, by 2037 it would be all Machines and we would basically be applying for engineering..Humans can do lots of stuff. We should NOT replace Machines with ourselves and humanity!

  23. Gabby S says


  24. tamika jackson says

    Among many things of forbidden knowledge.

  25. Martin Shkreli says

    the future is cybermen lol

  26. APE X says

    In the Future …we are all fucked

    Toxins sicken + give everyone cancer

    We will be prisoners, patients + products

  27. Barry Varga says

    Just another way of control the people

  28. Tony Selmanah says

    It is frightening the fact that humanity is following paths that are completely unknown where they are leading to.I am most sure that the thrilling desire to make more and more money is leading humanity to Destruction and very soon.Technology is going to throw humanity down the cliff.What I am saying might seem paradoxical but unfortunately it is as true as one plus one is two.

  29. Sunny D says

    This video gives me hope:

    One of my aunties is currently living in ICU for days now, every day the expense generated is draining her family. If no further positive turn-out in the next few days, her family will have to seek for a loan to cover it.

    I feel sad and helpless for I myself is in an extremely poor financial state struggling to pay my mortgage and other bills. All I can do is to pray that her conditions get better as soon as possible and offer all the comforting I can muster to her family.


  30. billy joe ness says

    Im never gonna talk to em I Dont negotiate with terrorist accomplices

  31. billy joe ness says

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  33. Joseph Lewis says

    You need to bring that to Africa immediately!!

  34. Simisani Moyo says

    So things like this don't yet address how it is good to replace jobs for the same health care, albeit a marginal increase in health care provision, if you are reading this which would you choose better health or a good job? I dont like the way a.i and new tech is routinely touted today because it never addresses the new concerns people face with loss of employment, this creates an unease amongst corporate executives who for some reason because they went to Harvard and Yale possess all the world's knowledge despite being often responsible for catastrophies we believe are better thinkers than ourselves even though evidence shows these are destroying the planet ……….tech van help but we must put a human face to it, not replace humans with it. We can embrace it not make ourselves feel worthless after our own creations

  35. Mathieu Gervais says

    My english teacher loves your channel !

  36. Joy says

    this channel sucks

  37. Ron Villejo says

    1. Use AI for doctors' clinical paperwork
    2. Use machines to reduce errors
    3. Harvest data to improve outcomes
    4. Treat patients at home, not in hospital

  38. ProPaleo says

    Jeff Bezos is already working on it. I can see software with AI, exponentially increased computing power and memory make doctors obsolete in the near future.

  39. daniela says

    Then again, no one mentions where and why there is an icrease of chronic heart and other diseases. Agriculture, meat consumption! Apparently profit (wealth) is more important than telling people the truth!! #vegan #decreaseofgreenhousegases#animalabuse#environmentalsustainability

  40. Charles Kuhn says

    Is this a meme?

  41. tim tim says

    Is it have correct lyrics?

  42. The Pot Scientist Reports says

    I believe that it will not be "devices" that monitor and improve our health but rather "companions". They gently suggest when we should get up, eat and exercise based on body scans unbeknownst to their owners. Best of all, we trust them because we tell them everything on our minds.

  43. 1LIFEtoWIN says

    Big Pharma runs the medical industry, too many doctors are either not educated enough or corrupted into being pill shills.

  44. Martin O'BRIEN says


  45. steph g says

    4:21 thats all good, but what if the person lives alone? who will reconnect the wires if they fall? who will change the bed pan? and who will change out the IV drips? unless your taking about hospice, which already exists, i would like Doctors to make house calls again though,THAT would be cool

  46. theknappkin says

    Excellent video.

  47. Paddy McNasty says

    The most substantial of these improvements are decades away, when they do show up they will be used to fire as much staff as possible and ensuring the maximum work is done by the minimum people, too the detriment of providers and patients. Administrators will benefit, as they always have, by playing as fast and loose as they can. I assume Dr Topol hints at this with his final comments, as he himself as been the victim of self serving administrators, but I would have preferred a more forward statement, assuming those are his views at all. These advances themselves wont allow for more than kicking the can down the road, it is up to the providers/public to demand they be used in a system that ensures their full potential, which is potentially massive.

  48. R Uk says

    But it could just lead to everyone becoming a hypochondriac…… Imagine constantly having your health data analysed

  49. Clément says

    WTF 3:30 ?

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