Is Marijuana Harmful to Health?


There’s just no way to talk about marijuana without someone completely misinterpreting what I say. Some of you are going to call me a fascist for saying anything bad about pot. Others are going to attack me for not coming down on it hard enough. But the truth of the matter is that many things that are far more dangerous than pot are totally legal in this country. That’s not my opinion, it’s what scientific studies show us. No one is saying marijuana is totally safe. But is it so bad for you that it should be illegal, even though it has benefits? Watch and decide. Happy weed day.

Those of you who want to read more and see references can go here:

And, yes, we do know about the new study on brain development, which came out long after we taped. But as with a lot of research, it’s being totally misinterpreted by the media. Go check out the references to see a nice article where the author of the study says the same thing.

John Green — Executive Producer
Stan Muller — Director, Producer
Aaron Carroll — Writer
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  1. Healthcare Triage says

    Want more on the topic? Learn how marijuana affects crime rates:

  2. TG HD says

    Who else's feels more intelligent after a spliff see I couldn't spell intelligent when I wasn't high 😂😂

  3. TG HD says

    Grate video but who else is rolling 1 while watching haha


    If everyone smoked a blunt at the same time there would be world peace for at least an hour or 2

  5. Cyber Knight says

    He’s like an Enderman

  6. Stanley Mark says

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  7. Charlie Milner says

    the worst part is getting busted by cops

  8. Thomas Mooney says

    Tender Healing Care is Cannabis

  9. Ducky_Da_GOD D says

    Bro people don’t get any type of addiction psychological or physical people get dependent on it that’s why people say it’s “addictive” when it’s really not at all

  10. Die Nosor Po says

    The dissociation from the peak and the short term memory loss of the weed is very very trippy

  11. CHOMPJRNINJA 101 says

    It was made illegal so white people had reason to arrest black people #blm

  12. red thunder says

    Legalize like if your with me

    I'm super high rn

  13. K A says

    Smoking leads to copd

  14. Theocratic Vitifer says

    Smoking pollutes your lungs, damages your teeth and leads to addiction and cancer. I would sincerely  urge anyone struggling with addiction or considering taking up the dangerous practice to watch this video on the risks of smoking and tips on how to stop:

    And to read this article on the dangers of Maruanjia and where to get help quitting:

  15. MAX maddox says

    but alcohol is not Illegal

  16. relog says

    Every ADHD medication that is a amphetamine based stimulant(which is 90% of them) is harmful to your health.

    Yet they prescribe them like candy to little Timmy who’s a bit to jumpy in class today.

  17. Jack Bw says

    In any case cigarettes are cancer. Pure cancer

  18. Jordan Memes says
  19. Samarth says

    Long story short u can lit it up

  20. djexclusivee says

    Pot makes you stagnant. Content with not doing much. Literally smokes up your path to your purpose. Its so socially acceptable in young people now & legal so just another habit to build up to addiction.

  21. I love the bush says

    Cannabis never contains THC, it contains THC-A (THC Acid) which converts to THC at temperatures of 185 degrees Celcius or 365 Fahrenheit.

    It is also not the 'main' ingredient as this varies depending on strains (like breeds in dogs). some strains don't even have THC-A at all.

    other high and often higher ingredients include CBD Cannabidiol and CBN and there are around 100 (though more are discovered each year) cannabinoids.

  22. None of your business says

    Allow me to retort. Just because two vices are already legal and deeply ingrained in our society doesn't mean we should keep piling up more lesser vices on top of them.
    Widespread use of marijuana, just like alcohol and tobacco, is undesirable and legalizing it or rather normalizing it will do just that


    This was very helpful for my school SBA …thank you

  24. Bobitha999 says

    Smoking weed = catching AIDS.

  25. DJ Frosty moose official says

    Damn, I have adhd odd ocd add and autism. Thanks for the info! Might start smoking! ❤️

  26. Mo Mo says

    He is persuading his product to get buyers

  27. Mo Mo says

    This guy is one of the supplier dealer he is persuading for it

  28. calvin hole says

    I used to smoke weed every day for about a year and then I couldn't get any for 2 years and I never felt like I needed it I never got cravings I just liked it. It's live chocolate that you smoke.

  29. Clinton Mullings says

    Who else watching this while high


    Everything this guy said and I mean Everything is false, starting by the cannabinol system is on the brain which is not, this guy says weed directly lowers blood pressure, rasing apetite, etc.
    All these statements are false and not based in medical science.

    People that consume weed, will make brain cells active where in normal stance would be dormant, for this People get smarter approaches and trains of though that wouldn't be there without weed,
    this triggers the brain glicose consumption above the usual 20%, thus why the munches.

    This guy is just spreading miss information in the name of the MEM… just ask him were he got his scientific information that made him arise with these conclusions….

  31. Wang Yekun says

    I am here after high

  32. Rookie Jr says

    Smoking a fat ass wood while watching this

  33. One Si says


  34. TAJtvproduction says

    I just wanted to know if you or someody else interested in this pot business. Im trying to keep it real and tell you that blood karma is real from my story. I want to make it one of the best strains the name "blood karma" make it partial red or full red leaves. Other dank best aswell that color. Its all to symbolize to make ppl feel less fear from evil and evil in more fear knowing what comes around goes around on more than just a physical but spirtual level. Im not trying to be a prophet just trying to spread the prophecy. Its more than just a lot of money maybe making the world a better place. Let me know if you are interested.

  35. Harold Groce says

    Weed isn't a drug it's a plant why would god make a plant that could kill you? It's not dangerous.

  36. Markov Azura says

    My birthday is on 20th of April hahahahaha weed day and same birthday as hitler

  37. RiMiX DaOriginal says

    I get high like Superman

  38. Melyssa A Ermi says

    I'm just gonna say this from personal experience… I use THC oil by means of vaping. Yes, I know how dangerous vaping anything, whether it's nicotine or THC, is. Or can be. I don't really care, because it helps me with certain things. My thought is, we're all gonna die someday, so pick your poison and roll with it. If you prefer stupidity like acid, shrooms, ecstasy, heroin, meth, coke, crack, or booze, then you're doomed. But, cannabis? Hell, I've been using it for the last 7 years steadily, daily, and I just recently got a clean bill of health. No lung problems, no cancer, no blood pressure problems, cholesterol was good, liver function and kidney function, glucose levels, everything, is good. No health issues thus far. So, this is MY personal experience with it. I do not leave my house if I'm under the influence of it, I am able to clean, cook, shower, work, wash clothes, take care of myself and my parakeets with no ill effects and it's mind over matter. As the saying goes, and this sounds really bad, "Do the drug, don't let the drug do you", meaning if you think you're gonna be dysfunctional when you're high on THC, then you are. And, if you get up off your butt and focus on what needs to be done, then you're gonna succeed. I did 4 years in college, A, B, and C student, mostly B grades, and every time I studied, I was under the influence of marijuana, and I did my assignments and studied with no problem. So, yes, it does affect people differently. If you use cannabis products with a high CBD content, and a low THC content, you're likely going to be too stoned to do anything but vegetate in a chair. If you use cannabis products with a high THC content, and a low CBD content, you will be up doing things. So… There you have it. I'm also bipolar and it stabilizes my moods. I live in Colorado where it's legal. So, no harm, no foul.

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