iPhone 12 Tips Tricks & Hidden Features + IOS 14 | THAT YOU MUST TRY!!!


Thanks so much for watching my iphone 12 Tips, Tricks and Hidden Features, let me know in the comments which was your favourite one!

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  1. Hayls World says

    Don't forget to let me know which was your favourite one in the comments 😁👇 AND incase you didn't know, most of these also apply to the iPhone 11 range 😉

  2. Sukhvir Singh says

    👍 Great knowledge thank you

  3. Donavan Boykin says

    I have stepped into HaylsWorld. I am now a subscriber 🤩Thanks for the tips! They’re really useful! After 6 years of bashing and shaming iPhones. I finally became tired of Android phones and decided to switch. I picked up the iPhone 12 and I am now an Apple fanboy 🤣🤣 watched this on my deep blue iPhone 12😂

  4. Adnan Khan says

    I'm watching this in my brand new iphone 12 😁

  5. nou shad says

    I just watching this her talking style its awesome

  6. Late Night Hype says

    Editor: How many effects do you want in your video?

    Hayls: Yes

  7. melissa plotkin says

    The Flip Zen Clock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Prisha Kanda says

    why do you purchase so many phones

  9. Aseda Oduro says

    You are looking so beautiful ❤❤❤

  10. Nas Lei says

    Been subscribed ever since the first video I’ve watched! I must say your videos are amazing to say the least. Lastly Thanks to you I had to upgrade from the 11pro max to the 12 pro! For that I Thank you Hayls World!

  11. Aisha Diaby says

    I like how you say 'right over heree' hahaaaa

  12. Saikrishna Emmadi says

    6:46 is for Indian fans…yo🤘🏻

  13. Somnath Sarkar says


  14. Mike Bauer says

    Thank you very useful :))) .

  15. BooHoo Ria says

    Do we need Shazam app for the music recognition feature to work?

  16. Quentin Cross says

    Watched this on my iPhone 12.

  17. Aliz vlog says

    hii hayls,,need that apple card

  18. Humais Abbasi - Official says


  19. Mithoo Bhardwaj says

    Wah nunu wah

  20. prabu m says

    Hi hayls as usual ur presentation are super 👌🏻👌🏻 most of ur tricks used already,myself new is Clips App using pics.hereafter I will try to make some funny pics through Pics App.thanks for your tips🤝🤝

  21. Blondie Javu says

    Omg this so mind-blowing I really loved all these tricks – I honestly didn't know most of them, thank you so much for sharing

  22. jason madrigal says

    Love your videos, you make my day because you are so happy at doing something you love. Keep up the good work. ✌️

  23. T Deekshith Kumar says

    super tricks

  24. Althea Buitendag Du Plooy says

    Nice thanks

  25. Rohitash Pilania says

    I have no iPhone but I see her video it is great

  26. Eric Walraven says

    The “favorite” widget is gone in IOS 14

  27. Nagesh Ghodekar says

    Who got lucky on codes ??

  28. Nakhul raj says

    Mam please do a vedio on ONEPLUS 8T ….. eagerly waiting for that vedio❤️

  29. marius ciobanu says

    What is the name of the video emoji application nr. 10???

  30. Abhisek Dutta says

    Sorry i have a question for you 😀
    The millimetre wave antena for 5G is only available in iPhone 12 line in USA.
    But what about other countries ?
    So without the millimetre wave antena , will we get a low ammount of 5g than USA ?

  31. Michael Hallak says

    Great video! I enjoy your animations and sound effects and it's informative

  32. Sunny Harsh says

    Guys looks like she spent a lot of time on this and I am surprised that I learned something I also like how she does giveaways

  33. Abass Gareth says

    How wish I have one
    Even 11 is okay for me

  34. Nadi Bunii says

    Hayl is such a boss! Thanks, as usual, for the great info, demonstrations and infectious good energy!

  35. Junior25 Eli says

    Contact Favorite that’s it’s the app / help

  36. Adnan Tech says

    Why don’t u start doing Unboxing ur very good in all these things

  37. # Menna # MAM says


  38. Roger Moss says

    wow even with all of those features it's still the most boring phone on the planer

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