iPhone 12 is Amazing!!!


The 2020 iPhones will feature major updates and some design changes that we’ve seen since the iPhone X. The Final iPhone 12 camera design, real notch leak, 120Hz ProMotion displays might happen. iPhone 12 first live look, camera features detailed, NO CHARGER Confirmed, 5G, Final Pricing, Specs, iPhone 12 Pro Max, Apple A14 & More!

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  1. AIO YT says

    NOTE – ,iPhone 12 starting price is 52,999 in India

  2. Montu Jadav says

    I am buying iPhone 12 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏

  3. playing with samuel souza says


  4. Jaiveer says

    Nice video 😊😌

  5. Mahfuj Ahmed says

    Pronunciation is not good

  6. Inderpreet Braroffical says

    iPhone 12 is 5G

  7. Neeraj Saini says

    oh haramiyo video chuk chuk k dubb kri jnde

  8. Harmanjotkaur Mangat says


  9. Ravi inaniyan says


  10. Yasoda Uprety says

    Bro even samsung have adaptive refresh rate……

  11. Chandan Singh says

    Your voice is so sweet 😍

  12. F U says


  13. MovieClips4U says

    16,850 off on Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max (256GB) – Space Grey
    #itsthetime #iphone


  14. Ankit Jaiswal says

    iPhone 12 ..nice video#gyaniprani

  15. Priyanka Lalwani says

    What we most desperately need from Apple is a genuine price reduction. Apple , please don’t make a serious dent in our bank balance.

  16. VIVEK GAUSWAMIッ says

    High phone 😅

  17. Rock Gamer says

    I expect nothing in next iPhone 13 box even Phone 😂

  18. sara alam says

    what will be the price of it ?

  19. Fun and Crazy Slime says

    Technology technology….apple is almost the same every year….🙃 But I got to admit…always quality

  20. Zonish Khan says

    Battery toh bekaar hi hogi PUBG ke liye bana hi nhi hai ye phone ko high graphics meh karo battery 🔋 kharaab hojati hai

  21. Ram S says

    Wow u r amazing talented person … Definitely u achieve top in Tech spockperson…..

  22. Ekdayanidhi Ek says

    Oh SJ still alive 😁😁😁😁

  23. 他生之缘 says

    OMGThe accent


    https://youtu.be/v3d0Gae_u9c this what you actually want to know about the iPhone 12

  25. _JustAnotherKid_ 2020_ says

    Not one, Not two, BUT EIGHT CAMERAS

  26. GSM solution says

    Kewa dual processor hoga smartphone may

  27. GSM solution says

    1nm ke bhad kewa hoga processor me

  28. Abb Cddd says

    Tere iss chahere pe awaaz kisi aur ki lag rahi he🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  29. Sushant Baile says


  30. Suraj Mendhe says

    New t shirt 👍

  31. Æĺax Čâylən says

    I'm not idiot or bekauf ,kewki I'm not apple user I'm a android user🙃

  32. haider ail shah ail shah says

    No worries 👍😊😊😊😊

  33. haider ail shah ail shah says

    2020 g

  34. haider ail shah ail shah says

    Nice Bhai g 👍😀💪👌💪👌💪

  35. Zara Sajid says

    Hi bro love from Kolkata 😁😁

  36. ARJUN jain says

    Apple pasand ni muje android accha lagta h mujhe. …isiley maine ROG PHONE 3 lia iphone XR k badle

  37. ADITYA RAJ says

    Utsav bro note 20U also adaptive refresh rate which is better than iPhone because it can automatically changes between 1 to 120 hz which is 60 to 120 hz in iPhone as you just mentioned 😕Edit :- note 20U has LTPO display which is not available for iPhones or any other phones please give your opinion also 👍

  38. pawan yadav says

    Next year i phone 4G phone manufacturer karega ???Next year 4g ka kya mtlb banta h next year to india mai 5g aa sakta h.Fir 4g ka hm kya karenge ??

  39. biswajeet das says

    we look your hard work ……..I'm enjoying your video and awesome explanation ☺️.

  40. Palvinder Singh says

    I love iPhone

  41. Manab Mandal says

    Itna q sab techyoutuber apple product leke pade rahte hai? lekin other sab company itnta importance nahi pata jitna apple pata hai? Ye q????

  42. MD. Faraz Ahmad says

    I suspect if iPhone 12 mini comes with circular dot notch.. & full display 😍

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