1. Fred Tibbetts says

    Time travel

  2. gshocked says

    What iPad did you use?

  3. Christien Ray says

    Unlock iPad
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  4. arjun dhawan says

    is it ipad 1!!

  5. tanalee09 says

    References to the iPhone mean nothing to me. I was looking for info on the diffences between the last iOS and this one. I hate the iPad. I was hoping to find some reason to like it.

  6. perc0cet says

    what happened to your nose, pal?

  7. Nathan Roberts says

    go download the GM version now. it will take forever to get iOS 7 on the 18th because a lot of people will be doing it the same time.

  8. Karan Uppal says

    September 18

  9. Maro Ahmed says

    Release date of ios7 for ipad 4 plz

  10. MrJackieLantern says

    he said in the iMessage app "Testing ios7…… It's junk"

  11. Frank Herring says

    unfornately most people are stupid

  12. Smiles1222 says

    Go ahead, nothing is stopping you. It's just a silly tablet.

  13. Zach Cline says

    Android isn't complicated . Well maybe if you're stupid

  14. Archive says

    you sound so sad 🙁

  15. BlackTyphoon _ says

    is that IPad 2 ??

  16. Nishank Jajodia says

    ios is the best as it is very less complicated

  17. David Antonini says

    For me the best is iOs

  18. Luke says

    A new coat of paint doesn't change the awful homescreen, lack of widgets and no status bar to see notifications pending without pulling the dumb center down. So tempted to sell my iPad 3 for the new Nexus 7.

  19. Ade Brown says

    I saw nothing wrong with the review

  20. Jaylen Riley says

    Really dude, you couldn't go more in depth?

  21. myNEONCITY says

    Well they couldn't have used the same design scheme forever though. Stock Android icons actually do have depth, and some are even 3D looking. The only icons I have a problem with in iOS 7 are Safari, Settings, and Camera. Hopefully they listen and improve at least some of the icons.

  22. Hello rat says

    I just updated it now but it doesn't look like that please help

  23. Kelly Sparks says

    The iOS 7 Beta was a great update.!
    Love this update!
    I installed from this trusted site :

  24. Cindy Smith says

    iOS 7 Beta 3 at www.kappleos7.com was good

  25. Christian S says

    Your voice makes me sleep.

  26. احمد العيسى says

    نفس ايباد ٥

  27. Noah King says

    it didnt seem like it.

  28. Gianna Burton says

    Dumb fuck, its an expression.

  29. wholemealpro meal says

    Looks like a windows tablet

  30. Noah King says

    you're crying?
    really kinda pathetic.

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