iOS 14 GM is Out! – What's New?


iOS 14 GM has been released for developers and iOS 14 GM Public Beta as well. iOS 14 GM is available to all supported devices and iOS 14 will release on September 16th, 2020. In this video I go over everything new in iOS 14 GM and how to leave iOS 14 beta and get the official iOS 14 tomorrow. #ios14 #iOS14 #iPadOS14 #iPhone #apple

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***Time Codes***
00:00 – Introduction
00:12 – iOS 14 release date
00:27 – Size
00:56 – How to leave the iOS 14 Beta and get the final version
01:36 – Build number
02:06 – New wallpaper?
02:36 – Bugs and resolved issues
02:56 – Pokemon Go?
03:18 – Performance
04:19 – iPadOS 14 GM
04:45 – Battery life and Battery health
05:59 – iOS 14.1?
06:07 – Benchmarks
07:06 – Conclusion
07:35 – Wallpaper
07:47 – Outro
08:07 – End

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  1. Yo Howard says

    I already had that on my samsung 3 years ago

  2. J Lac says


  3. Anant Bhat says

    I didn’t get GM after Beta 8I got to directly Final 14.0 just now

  4. Kaleb says

    Lookin’ good, Aaron!

  5. Clonical says

    I have the iPhone 7 which built-in microphone doesn’t work for some reason. Should I update?

  6. Frutella says

    i wanna it wallpapers 😍

  7. Yasin AD says

    Hey I download ios 14.3 beta and I removed it right away (like 3 months ago)! But today I don’t get the last version of ios 14 update on my phone!!! What can be the problem? Should I wait for public ios 14.1?

  8. BG says

    I am still on beta 8 waiting for the official public release. My Pokémon go is working!!

  9. Fabio Sardone says

    Where I can get your wallpaper?

  10. LIRRM1 says

    As always thanks Aaron.Can’t wait til tmrrw gets here.Yaaaaaa!

  11. Yiannis says

    I want that wallpaper 🔥

  12. D In says

    Whats gm stance for

  13. Andrea oldfield says

    Love it especially all the widgets! Like android on acid 😘

  14. Ultimate Gaming Friends !!! says

    hey guys, this was my first beta test stuff but i have a question, if i keep the beta tester profile after ios 14 gets public will that mean that i will automatically participate in future betas of example ios 15? or is this profile just for ios 14 beta and will it be useless after ios 14 comes out? i want to know because if it will mean i can automatically participate in future events i would like to keep it

  15. Keith W says

    Yea Apple is purposely draining your battery I just updated to iOS 14 from the beta and can tell right away the battery is draining really fast and my battery health is 100%.

  16. Bryson Hooke says

    I stayed up to midnight to get it and it still said my software was up to date

  17. Jabez 115 says

    Is it okay to delete the beta profile once IOS 14 drops for everyone?

  18. VigyaDoesCoding says

    Will it finally support iphone 6?

  19. Swapnil Pradhan says

    Is there 4k youtube playback?

  20. Muhammad Ali Siddiqui says

    Really informative and love to watch ur Videos

  21. xParsaa says

    I just really wanna know that wallpaper you’ve got😂

  22. I Love Wendy says

    It quickly drains my battery, I really am rooting for it to get fixed; including the widget bugs and WiFi settings bug.

  23. Hakim Pitolwala says

    Youtube 4K is gone again in GM version. Can anyone please confirm?

  24. abhijit gojara says

    Leave this shit & talk about one ui 3

  25. Kxng oxar says

    Its sep 16 2020 and i still can’t upgrade to ios 14??? Wtf

  26. Marvin Manalo says

    should i remove the beta profiles even im not downloading the gm ? watch os too?

  27. Gaming York says

    The music app looks like the iOS 7 version…

  28. Gaming York says

    Hmm gonna download it today, but I really hope that my iPhone 8 is not gonna slow down, I just got the phone!

  29. homeandalone says

    pokemon go works on mine already

  30. vivek chanda says

    Where can i get the ipad resolution wallpaper all are iphone resolution!!

  31. Jin Raigami says

    What is the wallpaper you are using?

  32. Smart Water says

    Can we get a video highlighting what all are the new additions, changes etc in iOS 14 which are present in the final version? A lot of beta videos come out and I appreciate the hard work behind every single one. However, I don't install beta versions only the final releases and I'm sure there are many others like me. I haven't kept track of what's going on with any of the betas this year.

  33. Ali Farag says

    No there is a new wallpaper

  34. Enam Haque says


  35. Zubaidullah ghafoori says

    Hello: sir thanks for the video as usual. And should I update my iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 Plus to iOS 14 ??? What’s your suggestion

  36. MBB Aladdin says

    what time is it out like what clock

  37. Aziz Shaversian says

    Still having the bug where my camera is black, also in all camera using application’s and stock camera application, this is only happening on IOS 14 betas, when downgrading back to IOS 13.x my camera’s are working again, IPHONE 7+ IOS 14 latest GM version (this bug wasn’t there in Beta 3, since beta 3 the camera was black and wouldn’t work anymore)

  38. Marvin Manalo says

    should i remove the beta profiles for my apple watch?

  39. Mustapha Bow says

    Great video 🥺💜

  40. Leonard Casingal says

    I just hope the initial public release is not a nightmare like the 13

  41. Kryable says

    I accidentally deleted the profile first and the GM update disappeared so I went to betaprofiles to download it, is that ok?

  42. Vanilla Ice says

    Phone calls in notifications is best feature for people like me who ghost people hehehhehehehehehehehehhee

  43. DAN (Gaming) says

    On my app store badge dnt come??

  44. Tejas says

    I dint get yet for my XR 😑

  45. Nilay Saraiya says

    News widget is still not showing up for iPhone XR. In the Add new widget section don’t see News widget. Still it is an issue with iPhone XR.

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