iOS 14 Beta 8 – The home stretch..


iOS 14 Beta 8 – The home stretch.. | iOS 14 Beta 8 Follow-Up Review

Apple released iOS 14 Beta 8 earlier this week to both registered developers & Public Beta testers and in this video, we discuss how the software has been running.

We cover the additional new features & changes, performance, battery life, bug fixes, bugs & more!

iPhone SE (2020) – 5 Months Later:
iOS 14 Beta 8 Released – What’s New?:
iOS 13.7 Released – What’s New?:
iOS 14 – 30+ Best Hidden Features:
iOS 14 – How to Enable Picture in Picture for YouTube:
iOS 14 on iPhone 7 – This is Impressive:
iOS 14 on iPhone SE – A Nice Surprise:

0:00 Intro
0:42 Additional Features
3:58 Bug Fixes
5:08 Bugs
8:36 Performance
9:21 Battery Life
10:16 Community Poll
14:45 iOS 14 Beta 9 Release Date
15:30 iOS 14 Final Release Date
16:11 Conclusion
16:39 Outro

What do you think of iOS 14 beta 8? Is it a nice improvement over beta 7 for you?

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  1. Brandon Butch says

    We're almost there! Who's excited for new Apple products next week!? 🙌

  2. snehil tripathi says

    There is a major battery drain and device over heating on the iPhone XS Max since updating to Beta 8.

  3. Jonathon Baca says

    I’ve loved these videos leading up to the release of this update because there is a lot of people in my life that have no clue what kind of update is coming soon and these videos make me feel really superior to them when it comes out lol

  4. Matthew Lemmers says

    IOS keyboard got really buggy when iOS 13 launched last year IMO. I switched to Android though because of all the other issues I was having. Haven't looked back since honestly.

  5. ForeSkin Gamer says

    i think i have the same calling problem. its muffled and can hear only whispers when other person is talking

  6. Saif Ahmad says

    I removed the profile by mistake, after installing iOs beta 8. What’s the harm of it?

  7. Apex Predator says

    @ Brandon Butch, Could you please tell me where I can get that wallpaper you have on your iPhone 11?

  8. Yordan says

    Wake-up alarm trigger may be removed, because there is a new trigger related to Sleep mode (Waking Up)

  9. Its Adrian says

    Beta is cool and all but I’d rather wait for iOS 14 to come out to the public so that it’s set and ready with little bugs

  10. Angie Jordan says

    I don’t see where to change it to chrome

  11. Michael Coon says

    I love that wallpaper. Where could I find that?

  12. Adam Ferreira says

    When are we going to see the gold master for iOS 14, too many betas already I wish they would drop it it’s already September.

  13. Synthetic N says

    That laggy keyboard bug has been happening to me as well,really hope it’s just a bug they will fix soon and not a user problem ,battery life is terrible on beta 8 on my 8 plus too

  14. Ondra Maciarz says

    On my iP11PM after installing beta 8, the widgets just rearranged, not disappear for me.

  15. Shadow Gaming says

    I have a xr tho

  16. McGrady Lu says

    ios 13.7 still has severe bugs not been fixed yet!I submitted those bugs in the feedback app early in 27th, June, 2020. That's the time when ios13.5.1 launched. I also reported to the apple China support team 4 times (2020-8-13, 2020-8-20, 2020-9-4 and yesterday), around 170 minutes call-time. But it's useless. What disgusts me is that they didn't submit them to their engineering department. So their engineering team never knows those severe bugs are there. That's why ios13.5.1, ios13.6, ios13.6.1, ios13.7 still hasn't fixed those bugs.I hope you can help me report these bugs to the US apple support team. Let their engineering department knows these bugs and fix them in ios13. I dislike the design of ios14, especially the app library is nonsense. I won't upgrade to that ios version.1.notification center quick chat crash bug bug has been existing since ios 13.2.2.No need to open any app. Just swipe down the notification center. Someone sends you 5 messages quickly in any chat app, and the notifications have been grouped together. Then you slide left, tap 'view', type anything, but don't send it out, stay there. At the same time, someone continues to send 1 message to you,After you hear the message sound, you tap 'send', and you will find your iphone crash.I also find out that some messages send out from notification center are missing in the chat app's chat history. That doesn't happen in ios12.4, neither.2.Chinese colon:emoji speak app crash bug have found this bug since ios 13.4.1, but it still there in ios 13.7.You should turn on the 'Speak Selection' function first.Settings – Accessibility – Spoken Content – Speak Selection.Add a Chinese keyboard.Open any app that you can type, like the 'Notes' app.Input the following content: Type something+Chinese colon:+Emoji🙂(no space followed by the emoji)Like this:苹果:🍎(no space key after the emoji)':' This is a Chinese colon ':', not an English colon ':'.Select them, tap 'Speak', then the app will crash immediately.Don't change the system language, just add a Chinese keyboard to input the Chinese colon':', otherwise it will be silent and the app won't crash. If your iphone jailbroke once, it will be silent and the app won't crash, neither.If so, you can use iTunes to recover your iphone, then set it as a new iphone. I'm sure you will find this & improvements bug‘s been there since ios13.4.1.Settings-Privacy-Analytics & Improvements. Turn off the 'Share iPhone Analytics' button first, return, enter again,turn it on, and then scroll up and down. Then you will see the page layout is abnormal. Some displayed contents may disappear in a certain position.4.appstore abnormal flash bug, in the upper right corner, your avatar, swipe down, you can see your apps. Tap the 'more' button in the lower right corner of each app. You can see some places may flash abnormally.This bug appears randomly. It may not happen in every time, so it's better to test it for a few more times. The more apps you have, the easier it is to find this bug.I have found it in ios 13.4.1, but it still hasn't been fixed in ios 13.7. It doesn't happen in ios 12.5.Accessibility Short makes the AssistiveTouch button delay a lot bugTurn on the 'AssistiveTouch' function.Settings – Accessibility – Touch – AssistiveTouch – AssistiveTouch – On.CUSTOM ACTIONSSingle-Tap, choose 'App Switcher'.Accessibility Shortcut: OffTap the 'AssistiveTouch' button, you will find it repond very fast, and the app switcher shows up very quickly without any delay.BUTOnce you turn on the 'Accessibility Shortcut' and select one of them. Tap the 'AssistiveTouch' button again, you will find it respond very slowly. The app switcher shows up very slowly, with a very obvious delay. When we deselect all of them, it becomes normal again and the 'AssistiveTouch' button responds very fast. The app switcher shows up very quickly again.

  17. flyhighkev says

    My calculate tip widget doesn't provide any values; anyone else seeing this?

  18. Never Looking Back says

    I can’t change mine to make chrome my default

  19. Mario Carbajal says

    I can’t choose Chrome or Gmail as default app

  20. Justin Byrd says

    When I go into chrome frame the settings I don’t have that option to set default app

  21. Bluejay Woman says

    anyone having issues with Spoken Content?

  22. Danelia says

    Maaan I need you home screen wallpaper 🥺😫❤️

  23. MastroLoquendo says

    Stop copying ZolloTech.

  24. 999 Thiccy Cheese says

    So we just not gonna talk about how the music app is bright red

  25. beezusthegod says

    where can we get your wallpapers ???

  26. Fitz_TTV says

    Anybody else having issue with AirPods Pro’s? Mines freezes my phone! 🙁 anybody else having this issue? They connect in CC but when I open YouTube / Music app I don’t use Spotify so I do not know if that works. I’m on iOS BETA 8 iPhone 11 Pro Max. This only happened after updating to iOS 14! Beta 8 on beta 7 I was perfectly fine.Is nobody else having this issue? It might just be my AIRPODS 🙁

  27. Jailbreak0King says

    Cool Video

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