iOS 14 Beta 8 Released – This is VERY IMPORTANT !


iOS 14 beta 8 has been released. iOS 14 beta 8 brings big news regarding iOS 14. With the release of iOS 14 beta 8 we are very close to the final release of iOS 14 to the public.

The release date of iOS 14 is very close, this is the last betas of iOS 14 before iOS 14 gets released to the public. iOS 14 gm should be released at the beginning of the next week.


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  1. SwissKing2021 says

    @iRewievs you are never answearing!!! why is since IOS 14 beta 6 youtube 4k gone? only HDR 4k is still here WTF

  2. ЯickyRisha410 says

    I am facing an issue after this update. My App Library and left side information/widget page pops up by itself and don’t leave by manual touch

  3. Jalen. H says

    Sooo should I download it because I'm still on beta 6?

  4. JNJ Playz says

    It only took 3 minutes to install the update

  5. Alejandro Figueroa says

    Should I install the iOS beta 8 on my main device I use?

  6. Vedran Veljača says

    Would be nice to see follow up with battery life. For me beta 7 was getting worse each day with battery life.

  7. J B says

    sucks for me because I lost the option to mirror the front camera toggle in the camera app so weird

  8. abhishek reddy says

    Dual colour wallpaper link please

  9. Ralph Blanila says

    It fix the mirror camera setting?

  10. Ar-en cajucom says

    Still an issue in connecting airpods pro 🙁

  11. Liverpool5563 says

    It’s just a guess that iPhone won’t be announced on 15 September. Only one leaker Mark Gurman said that it will be only for iPad, Apple Watch. Everyone else just jumped on this claiming the same thing. No leaker can be 100% right. This time Gurman could be wrong John Prosser was he said the iPad, Watch would be released on Tuesday.

  12. Liverpool5563 says

    It’s a 2 hour event I think they will discuss the iPhone 12. October will begin 16 days after the event. They won’t have another event few weeks later to discuss their phones it would be a waste of time, and stupid. There’s a AR Apple logo for the event. I think it’s a reference to iPhone Pro models having LiDIAR.

  13. sinai613 says

    Cut out the music please!

  14. Hector Hensler says

    It cool

  15. Yannick Bongard says

    Clickbait title 👎

  16. Mohamed Rinz says

    I really am trying to get rid of my System and Other storage that comes as excess. Any help please?

  17. zion the 3 chanels in 1 says

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay last beta

  18. Juan Vidal says

    IPhone 11 Pro and smart battery case are plug to the charger but only the case is charging. This happened after installing beta 8

  19. Jailbreak0King says

    Cool Video

  20. King David says

    i hope in the final version we get new wallpaper layout 😌

  21. Carter Bella says


  22. Daryll Noronha says

    Where’s the Spatial Audio?

  23. Seth Skye says

    1 hour is the earliest I’ve ever been to a new beta update.

  24. Cassius Ordonez says

    Can you send a link to the wallpaper?

  25. Mustafa Y says

    you are REALLY REALLLY good 😀

  26. shan kumar says


  27. Hitanshu Sahu says

    What was the point of Making 8 Mins Videos? It's just about Bug Fix (Stop Clickbating please)

  28. Shreyansh Jaiswal says

    Fastest channel on Youtube

  29. Zaid Khan says

    Favourite widget Apple

  30. Manix Bomber says

    Baaa mie nu mio aparaut

  31. Hardworking daddy says

    Just receiver now iOS 14 bata 8

  32. Shahar Rozenbloom says

    יהיה גם Wall Papers באלכסון עם שני צבעים כמו בiOS 14 בiOS 15 באלכסון. לעבודה.

  33. Annie Lopes says

    I haven’t received the update on my phone yet.

  34. Antonio Carafa says

    Does Instagram still crash?

  35. Oleg says

    So, we are almost near GM, and there is still no "Favorites" widget? Looks like they're not gonna add this widget. So what they're offer instead? To open "Phone" app and then choose "Favorites" tab? Come on, seriously?

  36. TreyWay J says

    All ready download it 🔥😊🤘🏽

  37. harry Sharma says

    Didn’t got the update

  38. lee g says

    Nice vid but we don’t need the intro 💕

  39. Seakwar Koren says

    27th man😻

  40. Pratik Raul says


  41. Kyle Pind says


  42. MB Command Nerd says


  43. Stormy_ ios says

    If u have ios 14 beta 7 developer beta and u install ios 14 beta 8 public will the developer beta go away


    Wallpaper 😍😻

  45. JMUGA says

    Love the videos

  46. J Terrell says

    Does anyone know how to get off the beta when Apple releases the public version

  47. Dr.sanket thakur says

    Really really good

  48. Raden sabarudin says

    update ios 14 beta 8 lebih cepat mantul..

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