iOS 14 Beta 8 – More New Features


iOS 14 Beta 8 has quite a few features that were missing in my initial video about what was new. After more investigating and some help from you I show you more new iOS 14 features that were released with Beta 8 such as default web browser and more. I also talk about when to expect iOS 14 GM and the iOS 14 release date as well as if we will see iPhone 12 at the upcoming Apple Event. In this video I compare iOS 14 Beta 7 and iOS Beta 8 using iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XR and iPhone 11 and 2020 iPad Pro 12.9. #iOS14 #Apple #iPhone

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***Time Codes***
00:00 – Introduction
00:27 – New features
00:42 – Default web browser
06:46 – Blank home screen
07:41 – Safari translation
08:22 – Spatial audio
08:33 – iOS 14 GM release
08:50 – iOS 14 public release
09:21 – iPhone 12 and the Apple Event
10:03 – Wallpaper
10:17 – Outro
10:37 – End

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  1. Евгений Земелько says

    Wallpapers by

  2. Ashwin Vignesh says

    @zolotech, happy to see the progress. Would love to point our that iOS 10 was launch today during 2016. When do you think iOS 14 will reach the consumers?

  3. gabe perez says

    blinking air play icon in the CC has been there for a while, I’m on ios 13.5.1 and it does that

  4. ahmad hussein says

    Safari translate works in Australia

  5. Roland Allan Babor says

    i have a question. I'm in ios 14 beta. whenever the official ios 14 came out, can I update it using software update in the setting or do I need to restore using itunes and reinstall real ios 14 software?

  6. The Computer Side says

    one those iphones for a charismas gift to me will not be bad


    I’m late but I’m about to download the new update

  8. L2Dexation - says

    Will it work for the iPhone 11

  9. livingsongs says

    I noticed when you went into jiggle mode, you touched and held an icon and had to wait for it to go past the pop up menu. Everybody probably already knows this, but if you just touch and hold a blank part of the screen, like beside the page dots above the dock or inbetween icons, it goes into jiggle mode much faster and by-passes the menu.

  10. Highsky says

    What aboutt the release date

  11. Matthew Zeoli says

    No more picture in picture YouTube on website, sends you back to YouTube app??

  12. -ArDy - says

    I still have blank weather widget when its on my location ??

  13. Elonnn M says

    when is ios 14 coming out i’m ready !

  14. Joel Cho says

    Subscribe to Joel Cho

  15. Michele Hogan says

    In Canada, I was able to use the translation feature in Safari.

  16. Tuğrulcan Yılmaz says

    the old apple music icon was more beautiful.

  17. Jordy Comeaux says

    Google maps worked on CarPlay Home Screen 2 or 3 betas ago. However, Apple Maps in beta 8 shows more detail a 3D detail now on Home Screen!

  18. Iceman says

    Apple is not even coming out with the iPhone 12. What's the point getting os14 Is this fake news again. Look at CA fire burning , tent cities , Econ downhill can anyone afford iPhone 12 or just use cost of this phone for food . Yeah this might last one years food rather than an iPhone …come on it's a joke …the truth hurts ….

  19. Βερόνικα Μάρκο says

    I go to my settings and then on touch and it doesn’t say back tap

  20. Βερόνικα Μάρκο says

    I have the iPhone 6s and I have the iOS 14 but for some reason I can’t screenshot when I tap the back of my phone can someone help me?

  21. Wi11matic says

    Think we'll ever get the ability to change the default music player and be able to use tidal, spotify, etc? Or does anyone know of any workarounds?

  22. Ninjacat1 And only says

    4:16 my airplay is sign is blinking and I’m on beta 7 right now, that feature has been in there for a while

  23. DeMarrio Whitlock says

    YouTube getting real comfortable with these 15 second ads

  24. Amina says

    Anyone know when we’ll be able to use Picture in Picture for the YouTube app? Really want it

  25. Shamar Coke says

    iOS 14 next week Facebook no more ad lol

  26. haider ali says

    I have no I phone..🙁but I like its features. can u give me an I phone ?? I phone 8 through give away 😶

  27. Keno Noke says

    I went to chrome & I don’t see how Wher that 3 party app is working

  28. Annal Ambed says

    Default browser feature is available only for Chrome. I can't set Firefox as default. It's not like I want to change default browser. I'm very much happy with safari. Just for testing. The feature is unavailable for Firefox

  29. Annal Ambed says

    The translation feature works for me. I don't think it's geolocked. From India.

  30. Peppers Mum says

    I'm having an odd issue with the latest developer beta on my IPad Air 3. Some icons will appear small and others normal size. It's random and happens to different icons throughout the day.

  31. High Hopes says

    6:56 its been a feature for sooo long tho

  32. Willem Malcorps says

    Hi , does ios 14 has word prediction in the Danish keyboard?? Kind regards, Willem

  33. Sura praveen Kumar Reddy dBTHRJCvKe says

    4:07 4:28 Ios 13.7 has the feature

  34. Matt Dunn says

    Is the default browser thing a staggered rollout? My Chrome was auto-updated 3 days ago, but I don’t see the default browser option yet, neither for Safari nor Chrome. I can see the setting placeholder you showed for Gmail, but nothing for Chrome. Weird?

  35. Samer Lost says

    In cam you can change the size of photo to 16:9 when taking a photo…just swipe up while the cam opened

  36. aei Ry says


  37. Nick G. says

    I removed the beta from my phone. DRAINED my battery SO bad

  38. Sudeesh Achari says

    Sir when is iOS 14 going to Launch for public

  39. Kong Doms says

    I loss my iphone 7, Take care of your phone, Keep Safe,

  40. Sami Syria says

    I have a phone 7 Plus but the double tap feature is not working and I have updated my phone to the beta version

  41. Roger E Smith Jr says

    Having this week Monday Tuesday or Wednesday maybe or next week of far week in new software iOS 14 GM Copy

  42. Tony O. says

    Anything on the AppleMusic app? And changes? Better? Worse? Better personalization of your type of music? Hope so!

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