iOS 14 Beta 8 Follow Up Review


iOS 14 Beta 8 has been released to developers and Public Beta testers in iOS 14 Public Beta 8 for a few days. In this video I share the overall experience and review of iOS 14 Beta 8 battery life, performance, bugs and more using iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 6s Plus,2020 iPad Pro 12.9, and iPhone 11. #iOS14 #Apple #iPhone

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***Time Codes***
00:00 – Introduction
00:31 – Overall experience
01:12 – Stability
01:29 – Bugs and issues
03:18 – Battery life and battery health
04:28 – Performance
05:15 – iPadOS 14 Beta 8
05:46 – Should you install iOS 14 Beta 8?
06:01 – iOS 14 GM release date
06:15 – iOS 14 Release date
06:32 – iOS 14.1?
06:45 – Statistics
07:19 – Community poll and comments
11:49 – Conclusion
12:03 – Wallpaper
12:16 – Outro
12:36 – End

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  1. Vijay Bhaskara says

    Hello I am using iPhone X on ios 14 beta 8. My personal hotspot is missing from settings. Anyone facing this issue? Is this a bug or something wrong in my phone? Comments please.

  2. WHITE Devil says

    When will they release iOS 14 plz

  3. IAndy says

    Major WiFi issues on iPad Pro..

  4. Korvus says

    Look how beautiful that screen is. So smooth

  5. Shlok Sigtia says

    I have also experienced freezing problem

  6. Dr. Koushik says

    Having a problem of delayed notification or no notification at all on my iPhone 11 after updating to ios 14 beta 8 ☹️

  7. poojitha bhavineni says

    Ios 13.7 is draining my iPhone xsmax compared to ios 13.6.1

  8. Daniel Conant says

    I think it’s fair if some apps glitch out cause they haven’t been updated so support iOS 14 so I don’t think it’s the actually iOS’s fault for having bugs for the apps

  9. Paul Marsden Sr says

    Great video. Stay safe

  10. Paul Marsden Sr says

    Great video Sir. Stay safe 🙏.

  11. Chris Hayden says

    YouTube keep crashing on me🤦🏾‍♂️

  12. Tanner Deal says

    The ONLY bug I have with beta 8 is every other icon being small on my 2020 iPad Pro

  13. Roman Saint says

    definitely been having LTE issues and keyboard issues, the keyboard would dissapear or not load during quick reply etc…

  14. Endless Paradox says

    Battery 🔋 life has been terrible 😕.

  15. Christopher Pereira says

    If you try to create a shortcut for the Apple Reminders app where you want it show a specific list the Today and Upcoming lists are not an option. This is possible if you create a shortcut for the Things3 app but not the Apple Reminders app.

  16. Luis Antonio JK says

    I just updated to iOS Beta 8. Let’s see how it goes. It’s my first time using beta software in my iPhone X. Thanks for the follow up review, it helped me take the decision.

  17. Scyther Pokemo says


  18. Kyle Robicheau says

    I’m staying on 13.7 till a few updates roll out for 14.

  19. The McGuire Life says

    Hi Zollotech I Have A iPhoneXR I’m Still On iOS 13.7. I Can’t Wait Until iOS 14 Is Out To The General Public, I Watched Your IOS 14 Follow Up Video I Love It Thank You For Letting Me Know When ai Can Get My Hands On IOS 14!!!!!!I Love You This Much!!! 🤗🤗🤗🤗😘Keep Up The Good Work!👍🏼👍🏼

  20. Honey Yoshi says

    Does anyone know when MacOS Big Sur will be released ?

  21. David Maharjan says

    Yep Even in IOS 13.7 it has Notifications issue it comes late or doesn’t come at all.

  22. Rosmel Bernal says

    Better late than never but I have issues mostly with social media apps. With the most buggy snapchat battery is ok I understand it's beta but I am not impressed with apple since this is close to a final version

  23. Thomas McGrane says

    I’m loving Beta 8. Thank you for your insight. Question… why do you think Apple only offers an analog clock for the clock widget? Why isn’t a digital clock an option? 🤔

  24. Savannah Hill says

    Snapchat has a different app display.

  25. UnknownProwess says

    I hope they fix this the battery on the XR. It’s been pretty bad on beta 8

  26. Renxy Baluyot says

    I think this is a bug, when I tap "forget" my airpods pro on the bluetooth settings, it still stays in there when I off and on the bluetooth.

  27. Riazul Islam says

    Always with apple fix old bugs new bugs pop up please tell me i am wrong

  28. Riazul Islam says

    Wifi in this beta is really a problem slow disconnecting and always connecting to the 2ghz ssid

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