iOS 14.3 Beta 2 is Out! – What's New?


iOS 14.3 Beta 2 released for developers and public beta testers. Also, iPadOS 14.3 and macOS Big Sur 11.1 Beta 1 are out as well. In this video I go over all the features, updates and changes in iOS 14.3 Beta 2 using, iPhone 11, iPhone 6s Plus iPad Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. #iOS14 #iPadOS14 #iPhone #apple

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***Time Codes***
00:00 – Introduction
00:27 – Size
00:39 – Apple also released
00:57 – Build number
01:22 – Modem
01:47 – New features
04:26 – Performance
05:06 – iPadOS 14.3
05:26 – Resolved Issues
05:45 – Known issues
06:08 – Battery life
06:47 – Benchmarks
08:10 – iOS 14.2.1 and iOS 14.3 Beta 3
08:43 – Wallpaper
08:57 – Outro

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  1. zollotech says

    Did you install iOS 14.3 Beta 2 yet? Also, this video was filmed and uploaded in 4K 60 and is taking time to process. Thanks for watching!

  2. Morče Pusheen says

    I still can't install it, sad

  3. Mohamed Wozo says

    I install on iPhone 7 really super fast smoother than ios 14.2

  4. Jahmai Foresight says

    When adding a new bank card apple verified it easily without calling the bank also

  5. Jeff Leblanc says

    They could have give the raw feature to the 11pro max it’s just a step down from the 12

  6. Jeff Leblanc says

    I’m getting a lot of different problems to many numerous to mention not a great beta iOS mil though my iPad was working wierd but maybe just me

  7. Kstock94 says

    Can I have one of your your iPads?

  8. White Crewmate says

    Why do I not have it on my iPhone 8

  9. Mr Force says

    Just been testing the raw files, pretty nice to see those results coming out of my phone, edit in Lightroom, pretty sweet. Good job Apple (still overpriced though, everything 😉 )

  10. maxspeed2k says

    PS5 controller support?

  11. James Phillips says

    have noticed when playing air pod pro the sounds sound different when switching between each transparency , off and noise control. Can you check and see if it’s just me or others have the same issue. Example of the issue when in off mode the sound sounds a little distance and less bass.

  12. mahesh balla says

    just bought iphone 12 for 80k inr ($ 1,074 )

  13. Saifise Yacino says

    ‏There is something I think is new for me in ios 14.3 beta 3. In photo app when I press and hold the volume down he starts to recording videa

  14. fuchow fried rice says

    been waiting for my iphone 12 pro since oct.28 and its no where close to coming…….im so sad

  15. Mark Adcock says

    Im having problems playing music on bluetooth Devices Including my car it worked fine before I updated to 14.2 😣

  16. Kevin Durant says

    Is it okay to put this on my main iPhone 12 device

  17. Tala N Laika’s Vlog says

    Me still in 7plus 👁👄👁

  18. Wan Teknik says

    I want your wallpaper 😢

  19. Renxy Baluyot says

    Always a very good video, that shortcuts app update is sooo niceee

  20. Carlos Rivera says

    Been having the iPhone since launch and noticed the OLED display flickering alot and not displaying true blacks, anyone else seem to have this issue?

  21. Shaquille Productions says

    Is the Dualsense controller supported in beta 2?

  22. MiSA chan says

    Did they omit the capture outside frame? I cant see the star square icon on photos

  23. Albert Austria says

    Wallpaper pls

  24. Mr.Sanketh PN says

    A lot of problem with wifi on iphone X with IOS 14.2 keeps getting disconnected, sometimes whole network doesn’t seem to show up. My wifi is working fine as it is connected to my iPhone 6 and my windows laptop. HOPEFULLY THIS GETS FIXED IN 14.3😭 i update for new wallpapers else I always wait before updating or until someone does complete review of it.

  25. Cedric Tabb says

    Why haven’t I got the update or will it come next week

  26. Robert Rosti says

    Does it fix the obvious WiFi issues of 14.2???

  27. Kevin says

    What wallpaper is thata

  28. Mj337 says

    Since I’ve update to 14 my 11 pro max battery health has been dropping very quickly. Plus battery drain is terrible . 🤦🏽‍♀️

  29. Mickytdi says

    On my iPhone 12 Pro Max it came in at 390 mb.

  30. Ankit Pal says

    ios 14 fuck my iphone X speed 😤

  31. broth3rrr says

    hello zollotech … I bought an Iphone 11 pro and I first noticed shadows on some letters on the keyboard, more precisely on Y and U, and then on the texts on Facebook, Instagram, etc.
    the effect is like a diffuse shadow.
    Has anyone noticed this effect before?

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