iOS 14 / 13.7 / 13.6 JAILBREAK Info: Should You Update To iOS 14? Which iOS Version Is BETTER?


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In today’s video, we’re discussing whether it is safe to update to iOS 14 once it gets released in a few days if you wanna jailbreak. Of course, iOS 14 contains a lot of great new features, so the incentive to update from iOS 13 is there, but should you? Updating from iOS 13 may impact your ability to jailbreak and install #tweaks in the future so pay attention to this video to understand the current iOS Jailbreak status, what we know, and what we recommend.

iOS 13.7 is, at the time of making this video, the latest iOS version to date. iOS 13.6.1 has been signed until not so long ago, and there are iOS 13.6 / 13.6.1 and even iOS 13.5.1 jailbreak vulnerabilities/exploits demonstrated by various security researchers. These would aid in updating #Unc0ver Jailbreak, #Odyssey Jailbreak, Blizzard Jailbreak, and so on. In this video, we also talk about what you should do if you have a CheckRa1n compatible device.

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  1. iDevice Central says

    Also check out AnyFix too, if you have iOS errors or iTunes errors! (#ad)

  2. Anderson Lam Nguyen says

    I’m on 14 and watching this. Feel bad as f*ck 🙂

  3. Theemikebell says

    so can I jailbreak 13.7?

  4. Wraith YT says

    How can we jailbreak iOS 13.6.1 With an A13 chip?

  5. andy rogers says

    Also dude weren’t u gonna make a vid on how to downgrade iOS 13.6.1 to lower using a custom ipsw (and how to make it)

  6. andy rogers says

    I downgraded from 14.4 to 13.6.1 legit LAST SECOND

  7. FrostyFoss says

    Should I stay on iOS 13.6? I also have an xr

  8. Alejandro Guzman says

    i’m on ios 13.6.1 can i still jailbreak?

  9. Qs Tech Service says

    Thanks for the update Bro 👍

  10. Steve C says

    Im updating . Jailbreaking is not the same as it was

  11. nico luna says

    et pour jailbreak ios 13.6 iphone 11 possible ???

  12. Angelic says

    im on 13.6 any good??

  13. Diego Marquez says

    Will you be the first one to get iOS 13.6.1 jail broken

  14. Diego Marquez says

    When you realase again

  15. asa says

    me on odysseyra1n running iOS 13.7

  16. EndLine Films says

    Thanks 👍👍

  17. FloppyDolphin says

    I got an 11 yesterday and it came one 13.6 😎

  18. smith Tran says

    running checkra1n on iphone 7 with ios 13.7.

  19. Gianluca Cipolla says

    i'm ios 13.5.1 do you have to wait a lot for the jailbreak?

  20. Janith Perera says

    Hey! Isn’t there a way to downgrade ios on a12/a13 if blobs are saved?

  21. xLegehnd says

    Do you think the exploit would work on 13.7?

  22. Dan P says

    Either way XRs are still doomed

  23. Quintravyous Kyng says

    well i’m still on beta 1, i’ll just sit here.

  24. cyb3rx7 says

    thx bro for keep us update all time 🖤

  25. Saima Pollard says

    Really nice 👌 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  26. Eden Thornton says

    Very nice 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  27. Mohamed Iraqi says

    Would you recommend switching from U0 to 0dyssey?•iOS 13.5 A9 device.

  28. Rahul Athreya says

    Thanks for keeping me in the loop geosn0w.

  29. 17 Mohamed Al Mansoori says

    Is ios 13.5.1 jailbreak availble for iphone xs max ?

  30. 17 Mohamed Al Mansoori says

    When will we see ios 13.5.1 jailbreak for iphone xs max

  31. Tube Yaheya.90 says

    He’ll yeah😭

  32. The Unknown says

    My phone some how updated to 13.7

  33. Richard Guarascia says

    Thanks again Geo

  34. Tyree says

    Am I good on 13.6.1?

  35. Alice Daroll says

    I am not first 🙄

  36. Leroy Terrible says


  37. Baraa براء says

    Thanks ♥️

  38. Ravin Kissoon says

    I’m on iOS 13.5.1 on my iPhone XS 😊

  39. Hit em with the smoke says

    Should I stay on 13.5.1 iPhone XR?

  40. VK _0 says

    Hey to be honest since check rain jailbreak its dead ngl

  41. Jack Wood says

    I am on 13.5.1 should I go to 13.7

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    first wussupp

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