iOS 14.1 Released – What's New?


iOS 14.1 Released – What’s New? | iOS 14.1 Changes, Performance, Battery Life & More (Review)

Apple just released iOS 14.1 about a month after the release of iOS 14.0.1 and in this video, we cover all of the new changes, bug fixes, performance, battery life and more. We also briefly touch on HomePod version 14.1.

This update is a major bug fix update that brings not only performance enhancements, but also some noticeable connectivity & battery life improvements.

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0:00 Intro
0:30 Size, Build Number
1:25 What’s New in 14.1?
7:46 Wi-Fi Connectivity
8:32 Performance
9:36 Battery Life
10:09 Should You Update?
10:47 iOS 14.1.1/iOS 14.2
11:43 Conclusion

How is iOS 14.1 treating you? Did it fix the bugs you were facing in iOS 14.0.1?

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  1. Brandon Butch says

    Finally, a solid iOS 14 update! 🙌

  2. Alex Cuevas says

    At least iOS 14 is more stable than iOS 13 there were a lot of updates

  3. Kunal Deshpande says

    Do we need to keep Bluetooth always on for using Airpods?

  4. Daniel Rodriguez says

    Idk if it’s just me hausahhahah but I see the lock screen clock kids smaller idk

  5. Rodelyn Gutierrez says

    My iphone 11 kept disconnecting from the internet itself while others are okay.

  6. Braham Mahdi says

    Im using iphone 11 pro and the Battery Life still bad after upgrading to ios 14.1!! Big difference between ios 13 and this garbage! I hope they think about it seriously!

  7. Gagana Kularathna says

    I have same issues on 14.1 main thing is battery drain

  8. Chhorn Seyhak says

    Me watching This video on my iPhone 6😅

  9. Click bait says

    I might get iOS 14.1 “as well”

  10. Gino Faustin Adefuin says

    How come this update lowered my benchmark score so much!!!!!!!!!!!! 😡

  11. Adi Sisodia says

    I still don't get notifications from instagram 🙁
    I've been facing this problem since I have bought my iPhone 11.

  12. Frankie J says

    What if I have Modem Firmware 3.00.01?

  13. CRYPTO Mantra says

    🔋was getting drained relatively quicker

  14. CRYPTO Mantra says

    I have been facing quite a lot of issues related to wifi. I have had to disconnect wifi and use 4g to access facebook notification or to load the small stuff

  15. Daniel Scruggs says

    i want his wallpaper how can i get it lol

  16. ouard med yassine says

    Xs max i update i see big different in my battery life to good and better performance thx apple for this ios

  17. Tristyn Patterson says

    should i update my phone right now?

  18. Mscee N. says

    Have anyone been having issues with dropped calls since downloading this new 14.1 update?


    Sometimes I get accept and decline button instead of slide to answer in my iphone 11.This issue started when upgraded to ios 14 and currently running ios 14.1.And even now I am facing the same issue.Any solution? I restarted my device ,reset all settings,but no changes.

  20. BIG T says

    Sorry which iOS version is this video about? You didn’t say it enough times

  21. Robert E. Handley says

    Still don’t have the email counter fixed in the iPad 11” pro. It shows the full down load count, but does not decrease when you delete emails.

  22. Rich Royalty Official says

    In 2020 iphone fanboys finally getting widgets 😂😂😂

  23. The Real Jazzyfingers says

    I hope this fixed the camera thing , where when you try to open it , it’s black and freezes

  24. The Real Jazzyfingers says

    Because iOS 13 was a complete mess! I was always having problems w/ it 🤦🏽‍♂️

  25. Rayston Rizwan says

    Any iphone x user updated 14.1 pls tell me unstable network connection is fixed and how is battery life 🥺

  26. Arup Ray says

    After updating to 14.x. I see that the incoming facetime call will start as a banner at the top and on accepting call it takes the full screen and you have to accept it again. Is this known behavior in 14.x.x

  27. Jahid Miah says

    Do you have the link to download this wallpaper please?

  28. dalt drixie arcayos says

    I updated my iphone 7plus into ios 14.0.1 last month. After 2 weeks, my camera started not working and also my flashlight. Can this update fix the malfuntions of my latest update?

  29. Ivan Romero says

    Thanks update 👍👍

  30. Z28stakkzz says

    Battery Life is GARBAGE on 14.1 Ip11 Pro Max!!! Apple doing it on purpose, I should have stayed on iOS 13 🤬😡

  31. Andres HolyGhost29 says

    Really enjoying this new update on my iphone 7

  32. Letang Dumedisang says

    Idk, it’s been a lil buggy but then again, it has only been 5 hours since I’ve had the update. I just hope the issues I’ve faced don’t persist 😕🤷🏽‍♂️.

  33. Marina Saavedra says

    Are any of you that speak Spanish having issues with getting the Spanish keyboard to display the list of vowels with accents? I have to click on the letter twice before I can get the keyboard to display all other letters. Please let me know how to fix this issue. Thank you!

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