iOS 13 Speed Test iOS 13.6 Beta 3 vs iOS 13.5.1 (iOS 13.6 Public Beta 3)


First of all sorry. This time I will only be doing the 13.6 Beta 3
test on two devices, the iPhone 6S and iPhone 7. This is to avoid
having to downgrade the devices that are now on iOS 14 Beta 1, and
then be caught in a time consuming upgrade downgrade cycle every
time Apple releases a new beta of iOS 13.6 or iOS 14. So I will
dedicate two other devices for iOS 13.6, and that is the 6S and 7
as I have spare devices of those. Don’t worry, when iOS 13.6 is
released in final I will do a video on all devices. Hope you
understand. But time to get testing.

iPhone 6s 00:00
iPhone 7 07:12

Music by Niwel (see credits below)

Track 01 : Your Love
Track 02 : Bad Love
Track 03 : Met You

Niwel is a french music producer. Check out his stuff below.

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– SOUNDCLOUD: @niwel-516897768



  1. Daniel Cahigas says

    Can tou try this on iphone x and up?

  2. Hide says

    Very good job 🙂

  3. Brawl Maks says

    30 Fps video👍

  4. Daniel Springer says

    Suggestion: downgrade multiple devices at once so save time

  5. STILMA says

    Thank you 🙏🏻

  6. Саша Лобанов says

    I hope Beta 3 is the last beta for iOS 13.6 because I’m tired of waiting for 13.6 release 🙂

  7. shabagiuly says

    Is the background activity bug fixed ? Thanks !

  8. 芸香科橙子同学 says


  9. Valera says

    Thank you so much for your content. I’m deeply interested how is battery life comparing to IOS 12.4.1. Worrying about upgrade my SE 2016 and 8 plus.Performance is great. Should I upgrade my devices to latest version of IOS 13?

  10. kaapce says

    Thank you!

  11. name No says

    good thanks 😊

  12. Руслан Курындин says

    iPhone 8?

  13. Ergün Ekinci says

    There is no muscle in the menu transitions, there was no previous videos or betas, the last 3 videos and betas both change the image and become the muscles. this is my opinion, of course.?

  14. Ergün Ekinci says

    I do not believe in this test. After the devices are turned on, the image changes and the phones are twitching as if the small cracks trick is being done. Ios13 does not have any 6s. Cooling policy is here.?

  15. Саша Лобанов says

    3:45 Siri fail

  16. Саша Лобанов says

    Hi 👋 great video 👍! Do you know when Apple gonna release iOS 13.6?Btw, my comment is first 😁Cute spider :)3:24 my fav song 🙂

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