Introducing – Tony Stewart's All-American Racing


Built in collaboration with 3 time NASCAR Cup Series Champion and 2020 NASCAR Hall of Fame Inductee Tony Stewart, All-American Racing features an all new physics engine with US Legend Cars, Street Stocks, and Big-Block Modifieds along with 26 brand new dirt tracks!

For the first time, you’re in complete control of what you race and how you want to race it with a totally revamped Career Mode. Build your enterprise and become a racing mogul as you expand your team across multiple series and build your organization into a racing EMPIRE!

It’s the racing game you’ve been asking for!

  1. azzip says

    Does it include running people over?

  2. Maverick024 says

    Should have made physical copy not. Digital only

  3. flappy188 says

    can you murder someone in this?

  4. Trumpster Fire says

    These comments are letting me down.

  5. Kyle larson fan for life says

    Nascar heat should do what tones does on his games

  6. D.j.O'Connor says

    Big blocks are going to get some good exposure due to this game. They mainly race in our little area of the country ( in the northeast) …them cars are monsters and need to be seen

  7. Angus Gibson says

    Can you get smoked by Smoke in this game???

  8. Epic Blue Games says

    I’m really hoping they add sprints and the physics are more sim like I really wish they would add a dirt sim for consoles like pc has iracing ps doesn’t have a sim for oval, road and dirt

  9. Justin Bryant says

    I see the cars turning left alot and it's a huge turn off because the physics are not correct for dirt track racing

  10. Kyle Funderburk says

    Sounds like this won't be the last collaboration between Monster Games and Tony Stewart? I wonder what's next.

  11. Matthew Guilford says

    Please take the Nascar title over, we need a real Nascar person making it!

  12. JOHN RAU says

    Will ther be people on the track to run over We want it life like

  13. Sj Thomas says

    This one is horrible!

  14. HDRageGamer says

    will late models be added or no

  15. lilchappy223 says

    For $30, it’s fine for what it is. But let’s be honest here for a second, this game is a literal copy and paste from the sprint car game, which in itself is a watered down version of heat 4. There are : 0 real tracks or drivers. The engine sounds are generic v8 sounds and some of the music is even rehashed from the previous title. Don’t get me wrong, I greatly appreciate being able to run Big Block mods but this game could have been sooooo much more. I certainly hope the developers and Tony take the money they make from this and put it towards a better version of this game.

  16. NascarFan Since2009 says

    Make the sprint cars shell hoop each other and roll over

  17. hunter roberts says

    Where’s the late models

  18. Dustin Gragg says

    We want more of a sim Tony a game with all the cars. Modifieds late models sprints street stocks super stock 4 cylinder cars a true dirt track experience not need for speed on dirt

  19. Grizzly Poota says


  20. Lern says

    Somone save me

  21. King Espen Playz says

    Tony Stewart if you see this comment could the next game you make be about ARCA?

  22. Drives & Details says

    Did the developers include dirty TS racing as a feature with the impending pit TS fist fights?

  23. Edwin Johnson says

    Just remake dirt to Daytona it was the best nascar game ever

  24. CEO100able says

    Awesome all-new racing video game! I look forward to downloading it from PlayStation Network and playing it on my PlayStation 4 Pro after I register for a PSN account!

  25. Only Dinosaur says

    Wonder if everyone will cheat in online play just like Tony Stewart Sprint car racing. Made that game useless.

  26. wjoldham says

    I wonder if the special ability to “run over” the competition will be introduced

  27. Doedy Man says

    Can u run people over

  28. Brian Stewart says

    Can you run over drivers that get out of there car and kill them? Who gave this moron his own video game?

  29. Jason Miller says

    It’s about time

  30. Adam Eightyeight says

    Aww man. I’ve only just bought sprint car. Is there any way you can add it as a dlc to spring cars? ✌️😰

  31. Blue Lazar says

    Something else to make the game cooler would be the ability to have more then one custom car slot and also to be able to put your own text on the custom car like how you could on Nascar 14 and 15

  32. Llamaswithgunz _ says

    At launch…… many types of dirt racing are they gonna throw in????

  33. Bluuu YT 999 says

    Are y'all gonna add pro stocks or super late models

  34. a chevy monte carlo ss from 2005 says

    Are you guys gonna add more cars like compacts, hobby stocks, modified, and stock car?

  35. _Dave_ w says

    What about Late Models?

  36. Clayton Brown says

    What time is it releasing on xbox

  37. Johnathan Johnson says

    Hopefully if you guys can add UMP Modifieds in this game as a update

  38. Dan & Amelia SOUR CANDY REVIEWS says

    Or you can get iracing with the big blocks coming and alot of "real" dirt tracks. If this has the same physics and control of the cars that Tony Stewart's sprint car racing has I'm out

  39. Jacob Montgomery says

    Split screen?

  40. Dakota Dingman says

    Hope they have relevant drivers, that I know like stewart friesen or Matt Shepard or Brett hern

  41. Working Incident says

    why can't you pre-order this game

  42. Chris Lock says

    Is it getting released in Australia?

  43. GamingwithTyler ! says

    Dude he can’t even focus on one game how he gonna support 2

  44. GORILLAMAN says

    That's badass

  45. Dan Riniker says

    Not seeing it in the PlayStation store

  46. Danny Boy2003 says

    The sprint car game is one of my favorite racing games I have ever played so am hyped for this one 🔥🔥🔥

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