Introducing Live Caption on Android


Turn on captioned audio across apps with Live Caption. Hear Android Accessibility product manager Brian Kemler explain how it supports across the Android system.

Learn more about Live Caption:

Dive deeper into new Android Q features announced at Google I/O 2019:

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  1. Marianne Lindsell says

    Does anyone know if this or any other app will work on an Android smart TV, for live TV viewing?This is such an obvious need, and yet I can't seem to find anything that will do it. Speech recognitiom is so good now, that the rate of transcription errors is now broadly tolerable.

  2. Joy Sanservino says

    Samsung Galaxy s10plus…Android 10…2.1…..NOT HERE!!

  3. jv_141 says

    the delay in live caption is horrible.. so i won't use it

  4. Jonathan LaPointe says

    This thing just popped up on my phone today and it's super annoying lol I had to Google what the hell live caption was and here it is I guess. this was supposed to come out a year ago or so huh?

  5. Faris Ikhmal says

    We need this

  6. Ilovepotatos says

    I have android 10 and it doesnt works

  7. Дариц Обыкновенный says

    It's like this feature works only on pixel devices…

  8. Eetu13 says

    This is a year and 3 months old, when its coming??? Just release the Android Q and live captions!!!

  9. Sagar Gurung says

    how to recognize japanese

  10. lirik musik INDO says

    Realme 6?

  11. Andy Atkinson says

    This would be great if it wasn't just locked to pixel devices.

  12. Shoot And Runn says

    We need this feature in every Android devices not only Google devicesDeaf people use other devices too not only google


    Hindi add karna haii

  14. oliyb says

    Get the hell off my video. Where is the off button. I did not turn this on 👎👎👎👎👎

  15. Bhavesh Kadam says

    Do you have any solution for Cc for live event on social media or own website

  16. Nicolás G. says

    Joe can I use it? I have Android 10 on moto g7 plus…

  17. M.E. Reif says


  18. chicken leg on the move says

    when support cantonese to chinese text

  19. Sol RC says

    I love being able to move around the text box

  20. GOAT says

    Pixel 4 has it now, I just saw their IG story

  21. Bucky G says

    I'm so confused why is this different from closed captioning? What is the big deal?

  22. Ronaldo Guedes says

    Why it do not exist for Samsung Galaxy S10 with Android 10? It's unfair! I'm so angry!!


    this is very exciting for me.

  24. zoroxtreme says

    Now i can pirate movies without worring about subtitles

  25. shemsureshot says

    Doesn't work on my pixel 4…

  26. Trurl says

    Now only for Pixel 4? 🤔

  27. The7Dark says

    FINALLY! i've serching for this thing for years

  28. Mr Walker says

    How'd you use it?

  29. Mike M says

    Ok look what we got!!!! BUT YOU NEVER SAY HOW TO USE IT

  30. Inayah Lie says

    I love this. I really want to have android 10 phone to have live caption, dark mode feature etc

  31. Muhammad Ihsan says

    How to use live caption?? My phone redmi k20 pro have android 10 ? Where i can turn it on?

  32. Mark Jung Woo says

    Can it translate?

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