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Prof. Ashok Alur, spoke about innovations that are revolutionizing various aspects of agriculture. He called attention to innovative farming technologies and approaches such as Soil DNA testing, vertical farming, farm automation using drones, autonomous tractors, etc. Prof. Alur has a PhD in Agriculture with 20+ years of experience in Agriculture, Higher Education, International Cooperation, Natural Resources Management etc. He has held different positions in Swiss Agency for Development-Cooperation,International Crops Research Institute for the Semi Arid Tropics & Horticultural University & also served as Vice Chancellor of BESTIU(Andhra Pradesh).Presently he is the Director-Centre of Excellence for Farmer Producer Organizations. He is recipient of many prestigious awards including, Honors from ICRISAT for his contributions to reduce poverty,malnutrition,environmental-degradation;Honorary Recognition(FCRI-Thailand); Honorary-Credential(China); Honors from Government of Mozambique&Swaziland;SarvottamSeva-Award,ScienceCommunicators-Award and Independence Day Honour from Government of Karnataka. He has served as Honorary Expert for the Food Security Programs of Mozambique & Swaziland, Regional-Committee of UNDP-GEF; Israel Technology Committee etc This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

  1. Bhavanasi Ramaiah says

    Nice presentation Sir, covered most of remarkable points in innovation. It enlightened the farming community

  2. Breaking news says

    In my opinion you should be go on hindi plateform.

  3. Dr Amanulla Khan says

    Dr ashok it clearly shows ur intent and deep desire to uplift the farmers lives and outputs

    Thx stay blessed


    Very good informative talk and really great help to all students
    Thank you sir for sharing such a wonderful knowledge

  5. Tilak Ravi Krishnaswamy says

    Dr Alur is a man who had help over a million farmers. This is very insightful talk on who technology enablement can help farmers more than ever.

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