1. LinJing Relaxing Channel says

    great content, you deserve more subs. can we become Youtube friends?

  2. Rahul TN TN says

    Unemployment rises. Cameron Wiliams, too in the list. 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  3. The Gootz says

    More people die from corona beer

  4. chargingbolt9 says

    They could’ve just played then at the end take a puff of hand sanitizer.

  5. Dennis Mojica says

    All tennis has been cancelled for the next 6 weeks play might resume on April 20th

  6. Hyp3rI0n says

    Kill the infected people…lol….

  7. Angejo ‘ says

    mate, Cam, I think you spelt cancelled wrong on the screen

  8. Angejo ‘ says


  9. Futhi Johnson says

    Are we now going to be watching Replays of Federer matches on the Tennis channel ..non stop ???

  10. Larry Nelson says

    All tournaments will be canceled… NO MORE TENNIS…THEY WILL CANCEL THE MIAMI OPEN… WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!!!!

  11. Rami Games says

    they should play it behind closed doors therefore the atp tour wont be affected

  12. Vfor VENDETTA says

    China holding onto culinary traditions without the protection of first world gmp practices. They have been warned many times of the dangers of these practices but have failed to take stringent measures about street market abattoirs that house and slaughter wild animals and domestic animals in filthy conditions. When is the next super virus coming out of China? How many more cancellations of events outside of China because of China not listening to science ?

  13. J M says

    Too bad!

  14. Daniel Corchero Gomez Corchero says

    They could have just played it with no fans

  15. Daniel Corchero Gomez Corchero says

    What a shame! It was Nadals chance to take back the N1 spot

  16. 5K Tennis says

    Great job as always! (Justin)

  17. Jimmy James says

    This is a bad but canceling everything will make it infinitely worse

  18. Daniela M. says

    Shocking news for tennis fans and players, but completely understandable! it may not be as deadly a pandemic virus as many in the past, but the way it is transmitted justifies these measures, and if it is to prevent just one death, it was worth it! Life is more important than tennis or money!

  19. X-I Sukhmandeep Singh says

    Play crowdless ……..by cutshorting prize money🙏

  20. Samin Haque says

    Holee Sheett!!!!

  21. Abhishek Deshpande says

    I bet the whole season will be affected dramatically m

  22. David Gilmour says

    U do understand the term Final Solution and what it means …or do u

  23. Cagle’s Bagels says

    Bummer. Do you think there’s a chance Miami starts a little earlier to make up for no Indian Wells?

  24. Lena Widegren says

    All the players already in place !

  25. Lena Widegren says

    What tournament will be allowed after this cancelling? Who would dear to hold a big tournament after this cancellation?

  26. Regent's Aquariums says

    just play crowdless lol

  27. omer rasiuk says

    OMG NO😢😢😢

  28. mario dy says

    Wait srsly?:’(

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