1. Vinoth Kumar says

    Video from 2006

  2. AJ Anil says

    Anybody who landed here in quarintine

  3. Mohammad Jafar says

    jai hind

  4. Yadav Neeraj says

    You all know about that
    Sachin played 5 matches in world cup against Pakistan and he got 5 all times man of the match against Pakistan.

  5. DR. prateik says

    Plz can anybody tell me about the background music

  6. Free Spirit says

    Click 2:30

  7. Aman says

    Holland k against 2 fours kyun dikhaaye BC, lol.

  8. amit b says

    shakoor rana was their best player… after him… there is no zaheer or miyadad or malik or raja..

  9. omkar mujumdar says

    video from 2006

  10. yousaf khan says

    y do u guyx think being two different religous country makes us enemies…i m pakistani but i didnt thought a half second of bad luck for india m also indian cricket fan as well as film industry we should make brotherhood rather than this thnx for uploading but u should upload video that brings two countries together……love u india nd pakista …..respect for india from pakistan

  11. sandeshgitte says

    what a piece of crap

  12. Kavin Sadvilkar says


  13. Emad Ashraf says

    sorry to burst your bubble but India has worse win loss ratio than Australia and Pakistan

  14. tinku says

    there are not enemies first you need to know this

  15. Axel Blz says

    somehow I like soundtrack..

  16. Jon Gaikwad says

    its a Gentleman's game.. Stop posting such videos..

  17. Rishabh Chaurasia says

    nice music

  18. Mayank Jaiswal says

    bro u spelled "enemy" wrong

  19. Mo Khan says

    U spelled ENEMIES wrong you dumb fuck…

  20. Copy Tango says

    lovely video

  21. Hashaam Jameel says

    pakistani cricketers are biggest chutiyas, no sporting spirit

  22. Muhammad Ibrahim says

    hahahaha chutia sala vedio uploader

  23. B.Murali dharan. says

    patan hat trick wicket was wonderful,uv n kaif r best fielders for d side before,

  24. Piyush Janyani says

    chutiya video fuck off uploader

  25. Faisal Shaikh says

    I am Indian and I support Indian cricket team but this video is BORING!!

  26. Ramakanth Jallipalli says

    first learn english sir!!!

  27. Aravind Sachin says

    dude bgm?

  28. Nirmal Patel says

    Stupid waste of time, thats what this video is. No relation between title and the video

  29. Harshvardhan Kakroda says

    KAIF the most underrated indian cricketer

  30. mindtwister24 says

    Its enemies not ENIMIES 😛

  31. Ankit Sharma says

    u idiot this is only a game

  32. 234CHRISTY says

    fucking waste of 2 minutes……

  33. madhan kumar.R says

    Very bad title name.

  34. Ijaz Ahmed says

    pakistan is the best

  35. Fearless Vulcan says

    India is fucking crap like bullshit long live srilanka. Just cause of sachin doesnt mean u are the best

  36. Firoz Khan says

    Long live india,
    Nice video.

  37. coffee x says

    How on earth does this game work??

  38. Cherry Edison says

    yeh bangladeshi chutiya kya bangladesh ka video dekhega!!!Afghanistan jaise team inko harake jati hai!!Cricket related inka sirf ek hi video nikal sakte how to lose a cricket mtch krke!!!Bc sale bangladesh ka video kabhi youtube pe aya nhi india ka video dekh k bolne aya sala!!!Lundfakir

  39. Abhishek Borikar says


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