1. Lijo C says

    For me it is beyond the world cup

  2. Lingarajts Chandrashekhar says

    Yuvraj kaif Dada sehwag were heroes of this series


    Best memory of my childhood ❤️❤️❤️😍❤️❤️

  4. I AM BHARAT. says

    I watched this match till end at midnight .Ohh , Amazing moment with loud heartbeat in last 10 balls of 2nd inngs.Saurav,sehwag,yuvi,kaif & lower order were best in this match.

  5. Balraj Sharma says

    Bucknor india ka dushman tha

  6. Rahul Solanki says

    please aplod ind vs sl just before match Sachin 113 and ind won by 63 run

  7. Kunal Singh says

    in those days rules were different no t20 no field restriction 1 new Ball and 300 were almost ungettable but proud the way india play

  8. TrumpleLittleSkin says

    at 8:24 sehwag and sachin tried to calm Ganguly down, but the Tiger didn't listened and shut them off… adreline rush…!!

  9. AbdulBasith BinYusuf says

    incredible victory…. ever green best

  10. Darkienama says

    @huz15 What you say makes sense. After all Ganguly always was ALWAYS a thorn in Pakistan's back. And Pune Warriors did pick him and he showed what a mistake it was on the other teams' part not to pick him.

  11. Santhosh Kumar says

    ganguly yuvraj kaif and harbhajan are rocked this match. this is the co-ordination

  12. chetan hu says

    did this game change cricket's face? lol stupid rubbish

  13. Biker Baji says

    ur comment made me LaUgH……….
    he he he he he he

  14. Ajayvir Singh says

    @ChageeK2 ^gandhi the asshole doesnt even have a dick …and there are other players like harbhajan singh and yuvraj singh (both) are good players but i am not gonna say that they are punjabis, they are indians….and btw i hate gandhi so plss dont talk abou that shit head

  15. Biker Baji says

    yes bro! we all want peace, but that nation of muose doesn't want to have peace. nither they talk about it…
    by the way i liked ur profile…

  16. Hasnat Amjad says

    Pakistan had the Shoaib Akhtar- Fastest bowler in cricket.
    Pakistan has shahid afridi – The man who has hit the biggest six.
    And many more good bowler ect. Wasim, waqar anwar.
    India has Sachin Tendulkar- A legend with the most runs in cricket and maybe the best batsman ever!
    India has a good team – which allowed them to win the world cup!
    So congratulations india! -Peace

  17. Ajayvir Singh says

    @ChageeK2 the credit doesnt go to 2 muslims the credit goes to 2 indians

  18. Biker Baji says

    it was a gr8 game 2 watch, but i would piont this out that the only reson india won this game is that in the ground 2 Muslims were playing on the pitch, othrewise india would have gone home without the victory.

  19. tntboy21 says

    @huz15 Mate read his above comment .. if you are throwing mud on someone be ready to take it back as well..

  20. Arjun Gahlay says

    @huz15 lmao @ 7 months later you reply to this… anyways, it doesn't matter if anyone bids for him or not in the IPL, he is old now but he would still bust your ass up at cricket. and who cares about bid? the guy is a fucking legend. so get with it!

  21. calvingmail says

    England and India have played amazing matches.

  22. ludocrat says

    Yeah, when it bounces over middle stump obviously it's a wide. Obviously.


  23. Gaurav Tyagi says

    Steve Bucknor's biased decision clearly seen ………first wrong decision giving kumble out and then the wide issue ……

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