1. alkafrazin says

    this is too real

  2. Adetola Hamzat says

    does clifford ever come to work?

  3. Agent Smidt says

    A second Oprah? Spacetime continuum shuttered.

  4. Snowy Penguin says

    What irritates me is that the people supporting the pro-buy-a-MacBook agenda seem to be acting like Republicans and I hate Republicans.

  5. Rohan Emmet says

    This panel makes me wonder, what if Google was a guy?

  6. ysics96s says

    I felt so bad for that woman. Great actress lmao

  7. eng says

    Bring back the ONION!!!!

  8. Muzzy says

    “There in the folder marked recipes are my recipes”

  9. Saffana Siddiqui says

    There was Netflix..9 years ago?!

  10. josy sam says

    It got recommended to me on the day Apple announced new laptops.

  11. Stuff n clips says

    I feel so bad for her

  12. cat says

    this is how apple fans actually respond

  13. Tobes Has Art says

    0:14 the nonchalant delivery of this line absolutely cracked me up… I just started the video let me breath

  14. ytmndan says

    I like how they only let the conservative stay while she's acting kind of awkward, but once she makes valid points and references historical context, she gets silenced.
    Just like real life.

  15. Jay J says

    Me, watching this on a Dell laptop:

  16. Commando303X says

    "Your opinion is not valid — it doesn't matter." This should scroll at the bottom of everything Trump says on the news.

  17. diane cry-anne nguyen says

    wHaT aRe yOu wOrKiNg On YoUr MaNiFeStO???
    he's spitting straight facts tho

  18. diane cry-anne nguyen says

    I hate that I agree with every single one of them

  19. PiranhaJaw22 says

    the lady reminds me of Gayle King. SHE NEEDS TO BE REMOVED.

  20. Dima Gass says

    Somehow they predicted 2020

  21. Surya Mohan says

    so paul ryan wasn't too off

  22. Dynamic Gaming says

    Still relevant lol

  23. Death Disco says

    this is legitimately my favorite onion clip, and it says so much about modernity

  24. Fehman Ahsrafi says

    The answer is branding

  25. gio957 says

    That woman has no clue,I almost felt bad for her.

  26. Purple Strike says

    Valid question

  27. Davi Krisnawan says

    It’s become satire then

  28. xl says

    Lauralee has the qualifications to be of host at Fox and Friends or The Five.

  29. Jennifer Gibba says

    I love Lauralee <3

  30. ralf dsouza says

    This video got sad all of a sudden

  31. Campbell Lloyd says

    I don't like macs

  32. Ray White says

    OMG Poor Lauralee. I felt for her. ;=;

  33. HYDRAKITTTEN123 says


  34. The Internet Police says

    Bruh why don't the poor just get a job lmao

  35. austin oehring says

    'you don't know the specifics, your opinion doesn't matter' damn. I hear that a lot.

  36. Rino Muchtar says

    I just realized the guy with the beard played in "if google was a a guy"

  37. Michael Lee says

    I like how the glasses guy always has the opposite opinion and is like

  38. Gjrea Edwin says

    This is hitting 2x as hard in 2020

  39. Mitchell Morgan says

    And a decade later we’re using our stimulus checks to buy stupid shit like laptops! Or was that just me?

  40. Deedy 1291 says

    Maybe Apple products are like a filter
    Like you see this human with a shit Apple product and then think
    "I should definitely keep a distance from THAT dumbass"

  41. Sevencoins7 says

    Laura lee you should go

  42. Jon says

    oh look this is still relevant today

  43. Cleveland Rock says

    I disagree with the notion that somebody needs a Mac for creative work. If somebody is unemployed and living in poverty, I think they're better off shelling out a few hundred dollars for Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas. If a person is extremely poor, as in they can barely afford food, it would benefit them greatly to buy a thousand dollars' worth of parts and build a PC themselves.

  44. Max Gray says

    Macs are trash

  45. Just busting your balls says

    2 trillion dollar market cap despite covid 19 pandemic. So people who lost jobs bought apple products.

  46. VGamingJunkie says

    I'm with Duncan Birch, you can get a solid PC for far less. And have the right to repair it without the replacement parts making the system shut itself off, which is an actual thing with Macs.

  47. The Duck King says

    The onion was founded in the 1980s they have been doing this for that long

  48. Bajirao Singham says

    This doesn't sound like a Satire for the most part. Most arguments are pretty good like how that guy suggested "Video resume" which is now a thing. And also learning Graphic design to freelance, It works now.

  49. cute boy says

    this is ESPECIALLY true right now

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