Ilang health experts pabor sa reduced physical distancing


Una nang inanunsyo ng DOTr na unti-unting babawasan ang social distancing requirements sa mga pampublikong sasakyan. Sangayon naman dito ang isang dating Health secretary pero may pitong utos daw na dapat masunod. Makakausap natin ang dating DOH secretary na si Dr. Manuel Dayrit.

  1. Louise Ann Molero says

    expert san sa pang loloko ang lahat na mnga sinasabing expert ay mga gago gaya lang yan ng salitang Perpekto walang perpekto mga manloloko dyn kyo expert

  2. kRxMD says

    People confuse Air conditioning with Adequate Ventilation. They are not the same. Inside buildings, we open windows, doors and put ceiling exhaust fans to ensure there is adequate ventilation.That is putting new air inside the building or whatever enclosed space (i.e bus). The recommendation is 6 air exchanges per hour and even as high as 12 air exchanges per hour is some hospital settings. In some settings where you cannot do this because there are no windows to open, or the place is airconditioned and exhausting the cold air will lead to thermal discomfort and premature failure of your aircon, the recommendation is DO Air filtration. Listen to the seminars of the National Academy of Sciences, Medicine & Engineering as this is the recommendation of their expert in places where you cannot ventilate, Air filtration (HEPA). For people who say that the virus is too small anyway to caught by this filters, they are wrong because the virus doesn't travel or float around naked, it is enclosed by human bodily fluid at which in that size, they can be trapped by HEPA filters.There are two most important measures that we can do to fight this virus.The other most important measure is wearing masks (personally I prefer the N95). Early in the pandemic the USCDC Director clearly said the virus cannnot swim greater than 2 meters(6ft). This is mostly true (based on 1930s studies which did not take into account aerosols for a lack of technology to study them back then) as most large droplets will fall within 2 meters because of gravity. But finer particles can also float in the air. Nevertheless, social distancing is probably the most effective weapon we have against the virus. The Japanese knew early on what to avoid. 3Cs. Crowded places. Close-contact settings. Confined & enclosed spaces. So why are we stuffing more people to crowd each other in a close contact settings in a enclosed space?

  3. Fella Barner says

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  4. Fella Barner says

    Maaari kitang turuan kung paano mamuhunan at gumawa ng eksklusibong kita sa iyong sarili

  5. Ahmad Rasul says

    Delikado doc dayrit ang 7 commanments mo, politico kayu kc..hindi masusunod iyang sinasabe mo. Mahihirap ang tao. Pagubo ng may covid eh lulutang sa hangin ang virus..hindi safe. Magdagdag ng sasakyan

  6. Adventure Lover says

    Mga expert nayan dinaman nag co comute. Jan lang manila at maraming tao. Wagna sa ibang lugar.

  7. Reuben Garcia says

    What .25% less of a meter?? So the virus stops buzzing near a victim @ exactly @.75? Wow who did experement on this? Is the Philippines in Cloud 9?? I hope Ill health is not one of this idiotic parameter

  8. Jasper Dale Samaniego says

    Kung nababahing ka na, lumayo ka na Ng malayong malayo…

  9. Reynaldo Rabe says

    Former Sec Dayrit is found articulate and able to explain well the subject matter at hand…More power to you Dr. Dayrit!:)

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