If the "Hurry Up" Music plays, the video ends…


Hurry up!
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What’s up I’m RedFalcon and I play Super Mario Maker 2 for Nintendo Switch and when I’m not playing Mario Maker 2 Online Multiplayer Versus I’m playing Expert or Super Expert levels in (No Skip) Endless mode and when I’m not playing either of those I’m typing out long sentences in my YouTube profile with specific keywords in them in order to get my videos in the YouTube algorithm.


If the “Hurry Up” Music plays, the video ends…


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  1. Alpha X-ray says

    If falc stops imitating toad's voice the video ends

  2. sora mirai says

    toad deserves to be blocked for that

  3. Della Garcia says

    if the connection is GOOD the vid ends, or if a pow gets powed

  4. Sam Personguy says


  5. Brad Brown says

    isn't the simple level he pointed out at the beginning just a new super mario bros stage?

  6. JustGamer says

    Lol, the ironic thing is he DIDN’T get taken out by a SPEEDRUN leve, but by toads idiocy!🤣🤣🤣

  7. Toxin says

    if you "wahoo" or "yippie" the video speeds up.

  8. Peter Rast says

    if you get a 4-way multiplayer versus level, the video ends

  9. Ethanimations says

    7:22 the fans be triggered

  10. twitch race says

    So close to 14 minutes or more for me to completely enjoy jt

  11. Carter Morgan says

    "If I win the video ends"

  12. JamCon Studios says

    The second lvl was 1-1 of New Super Mario Bros DS

  13. Thomas D Pine says

    1:50 I quit my job with the help of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  14. SoJuicee ! says

    Shoulda been a 30sec vid with a speedrun level as the first level

  15. Rom 11 says

    If you say “and” the video ends

  16. Unknown Username says

    If Luigi wins the video ends

  17. Space Magic says

    Todd the dbag of the century

  18. Nin Z Gamer says

    If a super mario remake level appears the video ends

    Example: Super Mario Bros 1-1
    Super Mario 3d World 1-2
    mario remake leval
    NSMB 1-1 remake

  19. Michael Jung says

    If you get a 4 laner the video ends.

  20. 2005 Maurya says

    If you stop running the video ends

  21. Darkside77 says

    If I don't make it into the castle at the end the video ends

  22. Carl Hilton says

    Video Idea: If you get a title screen level the video ends

  23. Asriel Dreemurr says


  24. Mostafa Ahmed says

    Video idea: if a clear condition gets stolen from you the video ends

  25. Goofy_supreme says

    If you see a thx the video ends

  26. Clysmo says

    Idea: If anyone press "Let's start over" the video ends.

  27. JStorm Coffey says

    "if I do it for the fans the video end

  28. Kevin The Cube says

    If the sliding theme plays the video ends

  29. Wet Dino says

    Falc: "want to give the fans some content so this video isn't too short"

    Me: waiting for video that doesn't even last the entire intro

  30. dana khairadin says

    If i hurry up this video the end

  31. Nothing says

    “If I touch any gizmos, the video ends”

  32. Alex Ortiz says

    If I touch a brick block the video ends

  33. Ameer Duzan Year 11 says

    day 45 of asking if ur toadette thevide ends

  34. missyb2 says

    Toad is a jerk 🤣🤣

  35. Monkey Kong says

    I think you should revisit the first few video ends challenges you did and see if you can last longer and win more than you did before

  36. KitTheKat says

    That restart, man! I wish it was possible to remove a restart vote… >.<

  37. bro pooass says

    Video idea: touch something red, the USSR anthem sings and the video ends

  38. Devil Bastad says

    The ending gave me real sad Unus Annus ending vibes

  39. Jimithoy jim jim Jim says

    Mario you idiot

  40. Dusk Yt says

    If you get a 1-up you lose

  41. phelini tanadi says

    Toad : i win!
    Toad in another match : I WIN

    Today is toad day

  42. Nolan Buddy says

    if you get hit by anything fiery the video ends

  43. Omar Steven says

    Idk if this was done but:

    "If the level was a speed run level, the video ends"

  44. Sloth Lover says

    “If you lose a clear condition the video ends” Super Mario Maker

  45. irunknee says

    I've never gotten heated watching a falc video before… that last match tilted me so much, lmao.

  46. Termatato says

    If I encounter a scary enemy, the video ends. (Boos, the SMB2 key enemy, ect.)

    If I touch anything hot, the video ends. (Lava, Bowser's fireballs, fireball enemies, ect.) Might be fun in a castle level if you're on the bridge when someone else wins.

  47. Yoshi Yoshi says

    If you lose in a game with another YouTube channel the video ends

  48. Yoshi Yoshi says

    If you don’t get a 1up the video ends

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