1. Manraj Singh says

    India won the world cup after 28 years under captianship of Dhoni .2015 world cup was won by Australia and 2019 world cup was won by england .

  2. Creaz.L Tube says

    Dash sal Hogye yar

  3. Эд Cárdenas says

    Do actually exist a world cup for this game??

  4. GreubsAkaRTG says

    ha, not gonna happen!

  5. Desi Studio says

    According to me this should be the official song!
    "Play for the game – Aks"

  6. Marilyn Monica says

    i think sa,ind,pak,eng,aus……….sure any one of them…………….choooooose quickly and reply me…..who will win the wc2011.

  7. shazlfc ronaldo says


  8. mrbs503 says

    Check dis out guyz & support our Team Pakistan

  9. tharinduchat says

    Ponting's trademark pull…

  10. Ashwin Srinivasan says

    its india who is going to take it for sure……..

  11. music1angel says

    don't be so proud guys…u never know what may happen..

  12. Satyajit Ray says

    the world cup will be in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and India. The information is misleading. Please correct it.

  13. rana3570 says

    all the best SRI LANKA !!!!!!!!!!!!!and i'm proud 2 be a sri lankan(lions d best)

  14. N says

    nice intro man!
    No doubt..it's Sri Lanka

  15. DarthCricketMan567 says

    SRI LANKAN LIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDDDDDDDD

  16. DarthCricketMan567 says

    @kumarhema1 i agree with ur statement, accept in the final, sri lanka will win. may the best team win! lol 😀

  17. NITRoTALPUr says

    i belive may the best win!!!! but it sure be pak INSHALLAH

  18. NITRoTALPUr says

    @19raghu u indians sure hate pakistan!

  19. niwanthaka says

    @kumarhema1 No man, the final result should be other way around.

  20. tHaRaNgA dE aLwIs says

    Sri Lanka rocks..!!
    from a sri lankan

  21. tHaRaNgA dE aLwIs says

    Hope Sri Lanka will win.. Even if they dont, No Problem Sri Lanka.. We love u always.. Give it a try guys…

  22. Panduke Jayawardane says

    Nice Intro..no matter who wins – sri lanka

  23. Md.Ebadot Hossen Anik says

    @manuppriya ur team suck….

  24. manuppriya says

    Highest Team Score.
    ODI = Sri Lanka (443/9)
    Test Record= Sri Lanka (952/6)

  25. manuppriya says

    Sri lanka….is the best !! others suck..

  26. lu1outlaw says

    dickhead they playin in asia understand or u need further language the asia country meaning sri lanka bangladesh and gay india

  27. HASI says

    its srilanka vs india in the finals! and like all the india vs srilanka finals theres only one winner! and that would be ladies and gents mighty SRI LANKANS

  28. HASI says

    @lu1outlaw WTF IS EXACTLY UR POINT??

  29. lu1outlaw says

    did i say they were gna play in pak no i said they were gna play in asia meaning gay india sri lanka n bangladesh

  30. VIJAY JAY says

    I have predicted the result of the 2011 world cup. Semi final 1 – india vs. Pakistan at Mohali(india wins), semi final 2 – sri lanka vs. Australia at colombo(sri lanka wins). India vs. Sri lanka will be the final match at mumbai where india wins by 53 runs.

  31. ee kk says

    i hope its India vs Australia in the finals !

  32. Kirti Singh says

    @PersonOfBook i think that the icc world cup 32 teams need (in 2012 or 2015) then it will be a bigger tournament and more people will come watch and so we can give little teams an chance and I also think that the full members need to play also matches to go to the world cup.And not automatically

  33. Kirti Singh says

    @wwoollvvoo i read that soccer in india is the most popular sport is in west bengal goa kerela north east india Manipur, Mizoram and Sikkim and they say tha calcutta is the "mekka" of soccer in india but when you see soccer in calcutta no one watch it (may 1000 or 2000 people) and when you see the Kolkata Knight Riders in the Eden Gardens the whole ground is filled,and they say that soccer is the 2nd most popular sport in indai but field hockey is more popular so i say india is mekka of cricket

  34. Anique Rehman says

    seems like a real asia……..

  35. Shamika Ariyawansa says

    The music is terrible in this video, not suitable for such a massive sporting event. AR rahman pls help…….

  36. Kirti Singh says

    and I also think that the full members need to play also matches to go to the world cup.And not automatically

  37. Kirti Singh says

    i still think that the icc world cup 32 teams need (in 2012 or 2015) then it will be a bigger tournament and more people will come watch and so we can give little teams an chance

  38. Kirti Singh says





  39. TheFreeForever says

    @wwoollvvoo LMAO

    How does brazil rock?!?!

    Who cares if brazil hates cricket because it's still the SECOND most popular sport in the world.

    Go climb a tree in the rain forest, idiot!!!!

  40. Blind Faith says

    The format is lame, 42 matches just to decide top 8 teams! Which we already know will gonna be the top 8 test playing sides!

  41. Mohammed Arslan Ali khan says


  42. Joseph Persaud says

    Alright now!!!!! I don't know about you ppl out there but come on… we need a new champion in this one… The Aussies are the best yea we know that, but there must be a team out there that can take it all the way. S.A, India, W.I, N,Z, Pak., Sri Lanka, come ppl lets have a new champion.. lol 🙂

  43. rade2rising says

    GO SL !!!

  44. zerounite says

    to be honest let's cut the list down to which will be much more realistic … SA, IND and AUS are the contenders for this year … the rest looks preety shaken up atm .. beside these 3, I don't see anyother taking the cup this year

  45. zerounite says

    -_- this looks way worst then the opening for WI WC!! coudnt they find a better way to show the logo!

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