I tried to EAT HEALTHY for $20 Dollars A Week, Here's What Happened…


$20 Dollar HEALTHY FOOD FOR A WEEK Challenge – Can you eat for a full week using only $20 dollars? I took the challenge to see if I could do just that…


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  1. Serkan Lunkaya says

    I think you could have added another pear for the changes left 🙂

  2. Shantanu Patil says

    Getting food dense in protein is one thing eating it is another struggle….

  3. Tea Chase says

    Frozen peas and carrots are good with just about anything.

  4. Tea Chase says

    Potatoes are also good. Regular and Sweet. Cheap and healthy.

  5. Tea Chase says

    I use frozen fruit for my oatmeal. Every six months, I buy a variety of frozen fruit. It lasts a long time, doesn't go bad and it's a LOT cheaper in the long term.

  6. Tall Lifts says

    In Croatia you can eat healthy with $20 for one day lol

  7. Prabin Paudel says

    Focus on multiple legumes and eggs.Where I live, chickpeas are 60cents, peas are 50 cents pound lentils are 80 cents a kilo. Egg is 2.5 dollars for 30 eggs. And soy chunks are 2.5 dollar per Kg. And green veggies are really cheap too. Everything less than 80 cents a kilo. Bananas cost 50 cents a dozen.

  8. vince's variety channel says

    After watching this me and my wife went and reevaluated our shopping we went super healthy and got enough food for 2 weeks for 100$ for 2 adults all healthy foods

  9. aFinalNote says

    I pretty much just make my own tacos with al pastor, peppers, and onions. The queso fresco would bring me over a few dollars but 5 tacos with sliced queso keeps me full all day.

  10. Adam Khan says

    Buff dudes is awesome. This was legitimately really helpful

  11. Tim Hershman says

    I've been living off your 'Broccoli Tots' for a month. Shit works.

  12. john calligan says

    I try to be frugal but I run up over 50 a week eating kinda the same stuff. Opened my eyes to what a luxurious piece of shit im being with canned beans, hamburger, and apples.Eggs more than 3 days a week disgusts me.

  13. Joseph Ross says

    Yo, I literally just bought like, all of these exact items before watching this. WtfAlso, I noticed you got broccoli florets. The broccoli cuts actually hold more nutrition. Just a tip.

  14. Hans Hyena says

    Buff dudes: It is possible with $20 the week?Mexicans: You think we're rich?

  15. Mike Eckhardt says

    What app do you use to track your cals and macros?

  16. Google Subscriber says

    ok first off the video was supposed to be for HEALTHY food. meat, eggs, milk are not that. You need 3 basic elements: complex carbs, good fats, and good source of protein. $20 would get you: container of brown rice, big bag of beans to COOK, 3 clusters of bananas, package of cheap oatmeal that you cook, and the rest for avacados. you'd be broke after that. and you'd have to eat the same crap everyday.

  17. Swedish Latino says

    This dude has swedish genes, 100%. I wonder, is he aware of it? looks like my swedish pals Lol Great channel man cheers. Definitely liked and subbed

  18. Mind Attitude Body Fitness says

    Hey Boys i just started my own channel, on running and fitness just want to say love your videos and the information keep it up

  19. Clemens Dorfstetter says

    that´s a great video. I think this can help some people see, that it is possible to eat healthy on a budget. I only have one question thoug! Why don´t you get the broccoli and spinach at the end of your shopping tour? They´ll be thawed by the time you´re home, don´t you think?

  20. Unchanged Image says

    This makes me realise how expensive Australian groceries are haha, I can’t believe you got milk and eggs (that quantity) for those prices! And the chicken sale price is insane!

  21. Lartbar - says

    Everyone: please at least add 5$ a week for more fruit and veggies. 1 piece of fruit a day is just not sustainable

  22. Dariusz Głaz says

    Hi Buff Dudes, I'd love to see an episode where you try to complete some obstacle course etc. Maybe some challenge with Buff Duke?

  23. Rand0mPanda says

    Brandon looks like the Gears of War COG version of Joaquin Phoenix. Hell yeah.

  24. Michael Pun says

    Vegetables, grains, and fruit aren’t healthy

  25. Victoria Sinka says

    Wow, its astounding how cheap food in your area/country is. I'm inspired to do the same shopping list.

  26. Spencer says

    Add another 50 bicep flexes to the video and you have a winning strategy…

  27. Milos Brkanovic says

    LOL people in the comments are so uneducated about nutrition

  28. Dean Humphreys says

    i learned something about healthy eating. all the processed foods are in the middle of the store and all the healthy foods are on the sides like the produce section and meat section. so if u just stay on the outer edges u can see all the healthy food!! btw if all foods with sugar were removed from stores there would only be 27 percent of food left in the store!!! thats how much crappy sugar is in everything!!! its almost impossible to avoid.

  29. Kenneth Kau says

    It wouldn’t be possible in Hawaii 🙁

  30. watwatwat says

    That's basicly what I eat, chicken veggies and rice for lunch , oats for breakfast, rice veggies lentils and eggs for dinner. Sometimes I make a 3 or 4 pieces of flatbread and slap a couple eggs there for an afternoon snack if I'm feeling hungry

  31. Methodsofdestruction says

    Looks like the protein was waaaay off

  32. Paul Razzle says

    I love burrito bowls, always a good go too.

  33. Travis Stout says

    I tried this but only could only get a case of beer.

  34. 2287rna says

    Bro, go find the clearance fruit at your grocery store…. I got 5 lb of bananas for $1!

  35. clamum says

    I've seen that excuse every so often about getting in shape, people saying it's so expensive.I knew it was bullshit and this video just confirms it. Gonna have to come up with another excuse as to why you don't want to make and stick to changes!

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