1. Eric Dowling says

    I thought this was a normal vid..

  2. Caleb Culbertson says


  3. Caleb Culbertson says


  4. Joash Arba says

    Sketch maybe set him on fire

  5. Joash Arba says


  6. gabby says

    not you actually paying $100 😳

  7. Oalenem Zenemij says

    Submerged stoy

  8. •Kawaii Cat Donuts• says

    In halloween edition face of baby see hard.

  9. Chad CGYS says

    sketch makes me cheer 🌟

  10. Valentina Bello gonzalez says


  11. Sub for cookies says

    5:09 yeah this is normal
    Edit: 5:59 if this was anime you know what would’ve happened
    Edit: 9:26 that’s something I never heard

  12. Darth Levicor says

    Sketch: puts baby in fridge
    Me: Parenting 101

  13. Darth Levicor says

    Dude ur not a ytber

    Ur the best comedian on da planet dawg

  14. It’s baby in yellow

  15. s o m e k I d says


  16. David Nguyen says

  17. shay shay says

    skecth:is this saton get out if baby saton

  18. farenheit60's CHANNEL says

    The baby got addiction in field trip z games :v

  19. larry bailey says

    skek remember when you just carried a baby around for no reason

  20. Oikawa Kiwaka says

    11 minutes and 11 seconds of sketch and the demonic baby episode 1 ❤️❤️

  21. Aaron Wang says

    Sketch the real version is better.

  22. Z says

    There is a spam bot called "cal" and if u see him please report him please yall 🙁

    ( Also I'm going this to every youtuber I can)

  23. Apex Tornado says

    I like how the amount of the video is 11:11

  24. Abdullahi gamez says

    I’m getting scared fr
    Then when I see baby evil face I’m like
    Ok ….

  25. Jonathan Herrera says


  26. Frederick Mcnerkinack says

    Demon baby!

  27. Mohammed Nouider says

    im gonna get admin in mad city by a mad city admin 😀

  28. momo 2 says

    I was watching waiting for. Jump scare and my headphones go (LOW BATTERY) I was like AHHHHHHH

  29. Jean Luis Hurtado says

    I like the anime baby more

  30. Patrick Mellon says
  31. Patrick Mellon says

    me if I was a baby… WITHOUT MY GOD DAMN MILK

  32. carolpage says

    He should play the real virsoin its um.. Uncomfortable

  33. Carissa Alvarez says


  34. tutorigames says


  35. Hotwheels JJJ says

    sketch play piggy it’s a spooky hunt

  36. Miguel Martinez says

    Sketch:Holy spirit away and go away spirits Oun Nia Sigo Lagon
    Baby demon:heck u
    Sketch's mind:Why these baby keep teleporting
    Baby:Go go ga ga
    When ur mind bible is gonna stop babys they just dumb

  37. angie mohammad says

    I miss Sketch s dragon

  38. Captain Hector barbosa says

    Skek “the 1 star babysitter”

  39. Ebz thebluh says


  40. Red Ruby Gaming says

    That is a copy of an original game lol

  41. William Playz says

    Sketch: Opens door Add: OMG I OPENED A DOOR

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