I have bad news.


I know it’s not a usual video I post on this channel, but I just wanted to update you guys on this.

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  1. Zeuz Makes Music says

    To clarify, no I will not stop making the lofi videos. I’m just gonna upload a little less often. Hope you guys understand. New lofi video coming out tomorrow. Love you guys 🙂

  2. skethhbeats says

    Stay strong brother

  3. flafi says

    ale jestes brzydki :puke:

  4. Yung Draven says

    bruh, why is youtube killing every better content creator ;(

  5. xenecs says

    Fortnite players – aww fuck what can I use in my montages now

  6. lilelison says

    It sucks to see my favorite creator go through such a rough time

  7. Ducan Bull says

    Love your shit man

  8. Famorc Is Me says

    Fuck YouTube 🖕 and I love your beats dude so sick 🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️

  9. King Rod says

    Hopefully it gets better

  10. UhhFliqz says

    That is unacceptable

  11. Semi811 says


  12. Restateable says


  13. Ahsen Mangal says

    Wishing nothing but best for you brother keep ur head things will be fine ❤️💯❤️💯❤️

  14. CEngi says

    make a new channel?

  15. Havel the Youtuber says

    YouTube is garbage for doing that

  16. Simon Walshe says

    thats fucked up 🙁 i love your lofi remixes, dont let em stop you bro you got the vision and skills most people could only dream of

  17. SIMP Ykntay says

    Make another channel

  18. 7pm Kola says

    Wtf YouTube

  19. LGHTFLEX says

    it’s like clearing samples for beats. basically copyright bro :/

  20. Ramadan dudss says

    fam why youtube gotta be like that man

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