I control a music stars life for a day!


Playing The Sims with BENEE!
Check out The Sims 4 Snowy Escape here:

Benee’s songs:
Supalonely ➡️

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  1. Loserfruit says

    Benees such a good artist and from new zealand and thats just pog. thats all i wanted to say. ALSO who thought we'd ever see the sims on this channel?!

  2. 24LjSavage -Gaming says

    why benee look like the kid laroi's sister

  3. dynamical gamer says

    I like benee songs

  4. Roshit Jung Rana Magar says

    its so underrated

  5. Easy Money / ФАРМИМ ДЕНЬГИ says

    I saw her intimate photos on this Telegram channel – @erostreamer

  6. Chloe Wheeler says

    3:25 "LESH GO!" love her

  7. Ryan Camacho says

    No words for this video except for this :0

  8. fornitegod Ruiz says


  9. Chilli_boy07 TV says

    I remember when super lonely was a song that became famous

  10. Blown says

    11:01 to 11:08 oh so a zombie apocalypse and you have to isolate? We already have one. It’s called the coronavirus

  11. Nadia Perdomo says

    Hello early squad!!!!

  12. Smithyhibs 1875 says

    I know the song

  13. Ichanged myname says

    0:36 beautiful singing and dancing I realized that song from tik tok.

  14. Harris Boh says

    I live in the same country as benny

  15. Jordan Galbraith says

    im a Kiwi and proud that someone famous actually knows who New Zealand is.


  16. Emma Daley says

    I love BENEEs kiwi accent. I miss my kiwi friends haha

  17. Gabriel Jardiel says

    0:35 best singer ever

  18. Marcus Stanish says

    That is the first time I have heard that song

  19. Matthew Booty says

    I did mate

  20. Thingley Productions says

    Loserfruit can you reply to this saying hi it would make my day

  21. vtecsux__ says

    What a random pairing lol

  22. Chris says

    honestly I think this is amazing

  23. Bvndvr26 says


  24. Tyler Arnault-warren says

    Fruity you can use there music without getting demonitized by getting permission from the artist so you could of played the music

  25. LegoCat says

    LMAO When he came in uninvited and stole the couch I died

  26. Rylan Coutinho says

    Benees kinda looks like Billy Ellish when her hair is cut short and when her is uncolored

  27. David Ward says

    Was there a glitch where people didn’t see the vid

  28. Jacks0n says

    I Love BENEE she's so kool

  29. Karim Quiñonez says

    Fruit and benee toghether i gonna cry

  30. ANYBODyS says

    Yay! I love this crossover

  31. Wulf says

    marcus cameo @ 6:07

  32. Wulf says

    promoting an album through YouTubers, this is a first. insert supalonely here

  33. Víctor Rodriguez De Leon says

    could you call fresh to add me in fortnite i am a big fan i am subscribed to him my name is mexican mr.fresh

  34. cheez says

    I love that song

  35. Gh0TiK PePe says

    No entendi nada 🙂

  36. Richie the gamer says

    Fruity is actually good at singing

  37. [Vens]999 says

    I barely recognize the song someone tell meh what song is it

  38. Lightningbeanz says

    awww the singing in the beginning

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