1. CSP HR says

    Background Music 90% & Amit Voice 10%

  2. Sai prashanth Reddy Mallareddygari says

    Saley, This is my first ever comment on YouTube only for you "ALL THE BEST MAN".

  3. Namrata Pathak says

    Ur viedo inspired me alot… Ur going good amit.. God bless you😊

  4. venkat c says

    It's great and most inspirational video to youngsters … keep it up Amit…… definitely u will be in top in future

  5. Riya jain says

    You travel the world, you show it with what you see… don’t commit suicide , you are a great person and a friend to me… I don’t want to lose a friend like you…

  6. Vishnu Nair says

    True man, this is still happening for me too, all this job stuff I didn't want to do but still because of all the emotional stuff from my parents and especially relatives and they are not still not happy with the job I'm dng they need more which I dnt blame because they r our parents and they r worried which they shouldn't be. But I didn't want all this, I wanted to be a photographer man a good one, who can make people smile with those photographs and just take photos all my life but all the emotional trauma had me like going crazy and irritated😑

  7. Manjeet Gundle says

    It's great and very inspiring video brother Good going! ✌🖖

  8. Swamy yadav says

    Bro we know what you are and what you will do . This is a real sprit of a traveler . But I what to say you one thing . never ever feel that what is success ? Because ur already a successful person who totally different frm normal ppl jst do what you want…..ARAYYYY AMIT…..😘

  9. Tapas Kumar says

    Live your life with your own expectation… That will give more successful and more happier and satisfied life…

  10. krishna kanth says

    Man you believe in what u want to do one day you will be the greatest traveler I believe in that and good video motivational speaker. Aur ek bath bunkerz ko Kabi nahi bulna bhai

  11. Mr flicker says

    Well said bro. my motivater 🥇 we have a life just once .don't know will be the next so live such a way that ur soul feel Satisfy for wht u do . . Believe in Wht makes u strong #Travel_like_amit

  12. SHUBHAM KADAM says

    Bhai Tum sahi ho

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