Huawei Without Android: Is HarmonyOS 2.0 the Future?


The first smartphones running Harmony OS are coming in 2021! A year after the banning of Google Play Services from Huawei phones, the tech giant is back with a plan, including an OS to rule them all.

Check out our wrap up from the annual Huawei Developer Conference (HDC), and get a glimpse at what the future might be like for Huawei and all those that rely on them.

#Huawei #HDC2020

00:00 Intro
01:05 Harmony OS 2.0
02:25 EMUI 11
04:01 Huawei AppGallery
05:33 Growing Hardware Ecosystem



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  1. Dinesh Twanabasu says

    More the competition better for the consumers. My next phone will be Huawei with Harmony OS

  2. Gof Man says

    I will use HarmonyOS if Trump won't arrest me

  3. Renz Olarte says

    Imagine all Chinese phones banned by US and all Chinese phones will be getting harmony os


    Western nations bring investments, jobs and technology into china. Because of greedy mindset and ambitions china was able to send their smartest people to study, learn, researched and steal information on how their technology works and pass this information back into china and create their own version for the cheapest price. China allowed intellectual property theft copying and manufacture of poor quality fake brands from food, clothes, cosmetics to electronics. Now western nations are struggling to compete with "made in china" inside and abroad threatening their business future.

  5. Gee Speller says

    Will harmony work on older huwei phones

  6. Rafhael Ibn Umar says

    I still love my Huawei Nova 3 ♥️♥️♥️

  7. OXY Pubg Mobile says

    aww Linus Lite

  8. Calm Cool says

    What about YouTube and gmail?

  9. Francis Gabriel L Abordo says

    Samsung, 1+, Nokia, and Google: 3 years of Android
    Others: 2 years
    Harmony: COPY THAT

  10. Francis Gabriel L Abordo says

    Samsung, 1+, Nokia, and Google: 3 years of Android
    Others: 2 years
    Harmony: COPY THAT

  11. Gilpyeong Chae says

    Good luck for android❤️

  12. Kitwana Williams says

    I wanna buy the freebuds pro but I'm way in Jamaica 😔

  13. Kean-Leong Ang says

    I would have to thank the crooked president for pushing Huawei towards this direction. After years at their behest, I am so ready to dump Android and Google.

  14. Robert Manzano says

    no mate 20 🙁

  15. Carlos F Caravaggio says

    Finally a Google alternative. More alternatives better for cosumers. Huawei will never go down. I can't wait to have my first Huawei phone with Harmony.

  16. Adrian Lazaro says


  17. Avis says

    Amazing update, All the best Huawei ♥️

  18. Abdlh says

    I still believe huawei could change their fate, as the phones they create are quite good to use.

  19. Cry klink says

    If only 🇺🇸 wouldn't not messed this up. Huawei is awesome brand. They know what's up!

  20. Catherina Lee says

    I love the brand making their own os.

  21. Rab Heart says

    I love huawaei.👍♥️

  22. Rohit Sharma G says

    They should purchase the VitaOS from Sony and tweak it.

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