How To: Use your Phone as a Webcam on PC (wireless) iOS & Android [Tutorial]


This video shows you how you can use your smartphone (iPhone, iOS & Android) as a webcam for your laptop or desktop PC. The example I am giving is when you use it with the recording/livestreaming software O.B.S. but it should work for Skype and other purposes aswell!
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Links mentioned at video annotations:

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How To: Separate game audio from skype audio while recording:

How To: Use O.B.S. Recording software:

How To: Steam FPS counter:

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  1. DrIary Gaming says


  2. Jane Willow says

    Ook een Nederlander. Vraagje, kan je op wifi goed live streamen? Of heb je echt je data nodig?

  3. Mickemacken says

    I can't believe how hard it seems to find a wireless webcam to buy, for stream on Twitch through OBS etc.. I mean, it is way better to be able to carry the cam around, for example when streaming drumming, as the drum set is 4 meters away from the computer and you also need the sound source from the computer.
    Thank you for this!

  4. Scripty Key says

    Thank you my friend it works

  5. visuant says

    Are you dutch you sound dutch to me.

  6. Zakian says


  7. Kim Jong Un says

    Its just easier to buy a webcam

  8. Kjellin says

    i cant enable it in OBS studio?

  9. damien van hulten says

    hahah je bent nederlands

  10. JunkheyX says

    i can use it on my obs but how do i connect it with skype??

  11. Silent-Gamer-YT TTV says

    can u use this for omegle??

  12. francuztokumpel says

    i got my phone and computer synchronised , i see everything but obs doesn't detect epoccam

  13. realBuilder Broadcast says

    Hello! Thanks for the tutorial!

    I'm using OBS on a Windows 10 platform, and EpocCam HD on my iPhone 5S.

    OBS won't recognize or pick up EpocCam when I try to find it as a source. It only recognizes my webcam.

    My network alerts me that it's paired with EpocCam, and I see the graphic on the app, as it pairs.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks for your time and help!


  14. Cocoa Zeke says

    Omg wht does he mean by a wireless connection

  15. SHAE MAC says

    I love your accent!

  16. MTS Gaming says

    thanks you re a live saver

  17. Savanwok 2 says

    This is the greatest plaaaaaan

  18. Typical Tropical says

    what recording softwere do u use

  19. Rein Scherstra says

    when i have to select my device this cam isnt showing up

  20. ItsDynch says

    If it doesn't show up on OBS use Window Capture instead

  21. NoofBlox says


  22. FwxCaleb says

    can i use this for omegle?

  23. Wesley Le says

    My OBS can't detect the Epoccam device? Does anyone else have this problem?

  24. Axel iLaurea says

    Hi, it all what you said, but… On my Mac I can see the image of my iPhone with Epoc viewer but it doesn't succeed with OBS. Can you help me please ?

  25. Fwog says

    thanks for the vid its better than buying some expensive mic which I'm probably gonna do later :]

  26. Vlad Raileanu says

    very nice!

  27. JammaRixx says


  28. Thomas Arissen says


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