1. Philip Kuo says

    This is honestly so bad, why can't Microsoft just develop a VR device for XBOX like how PlayStation does it? Microsoft has all the latest VR/AR tech available to them and I am sure building native VR support for XBOX wouldn't be that much of a challenge.

  2. spell caster says

    i just get a blank screen

  3. Andyw1228 says

    So, I have to buy a Xbox One to play Gears of War or Forza with my Oculus ?! I want to play it on PC with Oculus. How about that ?

  4. Robert Bain says

    How come this works for me on my dual xeon box with NVIDIA 970 and not on my 4960X box with ASUS 1060? I just get a black screen on that box no matter what. Oculus support sent me here.

  5. Bryan Cook says

    set it all up just have a black screen

  6. עמיחי דראייר says


  7. עמיחי דראייר says

    Does it work. For Xbox 360

  8. ImTheMetalLord says

    This is sick!!!

  9. incoherent screaming says

    It didn't work

  10. Lance Blackstock says


  11. AleVids says

    all you did was tell us to download the app and it works. there's much more after that so thanks for not helping

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