How to TRAVEL after coronavirus | 2020 & 2021 travel tips


The Coronavirus crisis will probably change the way we travel. Here are our seven short tips on how to plan for your trip during the lockdown. #TravelAdvice #Travel2020 #coronavirus

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Here are our top 7 tips:
0:14 – 7: Prepare multiple destination options for your next trip
1:09 – 6: Book your trip with possible cancellation options
2:06 – 5: Plan to travel closer to your home
2:30 – 4: Don’t plan way ahead
2:50 – 3: Stay healthy
3:10 – 2: Take precautions while traveling
4:35 – 1: Don’t rush into taking your first vacation

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  1. Hungry Passport says

    🟢 Our VIDEO on When you're BORED in QUARANTINE 👉

  2. Ben Dover says

    American here. My absolute dream in life is to go to Japan. I just wanna wander tokyo at night and watch the sun rise upon the city. Im so sad that the US fucked up its covid response so bad that like every country denies us visa free entry. Once the pandemic settles down in the US im going to japan no matter how much it may cost or how hard getting a visa is. Hopefully i'll be able to go before climate change fucks up the world to the point where my dream is crushed

  3. Kian Nguyen says

    Great video

  4. oscar lorenzo says

    Why do we still have to check a coronavirus tracker? Isn't the title "After the Coronavirus"?

  5. Coordinator says

    Do not enter or leave the United States. Governors recommend this in addition to travel bans.

  6. More Than Belgrade says

    Hungry Passport Your channel and content are amazing. A lot of precious advices for people who are planning to travel. I just uploaded 30 minutes ago Interview with one of the first tourists in my city (Belgrade) (from London) after COVID-19 lockdown I think there are a lot of valuable information too for people who plan to travel in the near future.

  7. J Manuel says

    I hope after this nightmare you can visit Cusco Peru because tour guides in Cusco are self-employed, This pandemic kill our job more than pandemic assassinate people, thanks to Pachamama the Covid 19 is week at the altitud located at 11,152 feet (3,399 meters) because of the lack of oxygen and dry weather plus the sun exposition means Covid 19 needs to drink Our Coca Tea to no suffer altitude sickness, I guess by this time I am glad to be an INCA , as I say we don't have Covid¨19 but bordes are close and coast and rainforest suffering with the pandemic but the tour guides we fuck … I wait for you in 2021 in my home the INCA LAND free of any nasty disease… or when the bright people give the world the precious vaccine…

  8. Bharat SV says

    I never got a chance to travel overseas before coronavirus now this fuckin virus made it even more difficult goddamn u corona

  9. Karim Moumene says

    The situation from the South of Spain this week.

  10. Seas Life Cottage says

    Some good tips on being safe. Staying at vacation rental homes help with social distancing too.

  11. the solo traveler says

    Hello and thanks for the great video! I think it’ll be really affordable to travel pretty much for the remainder of the year. Thanks for the safety tips.

  12. Travelling Mint says

    Nice video #TravellingMint My video info1. After lockdown which country safe 2. Tokyo capsule hotel3. Country started giving visa4. Party hostel bangkok

  13. Matt Rob says

    Tokyo here i come

  14. The City and Beyond says

    These are really great tips. We have been considering this with our future travel as well. It's important to keep informed and prepared.

  15. ElektraWeb Hotel Management Software says

    Thank you for the great video! Useful information and wonderful scenery. We all miss travelling but tourism and hospitality was hit extremely hard by this crisis. We sincerely hope that whole world and especially travel industry will soon leave this crisis behind.

  16. Jean-Luc Du Preez says

    This video just made it sound impossible..intenrational travel indistry will die until a vaccine is found.

  17. Frenchies' Travel says

    Omg that made me want to travel more… THANK YOU but I am stuck home lmao

  18. Free Flowing Thoughts 💭 says

    Great Tips 😃👍

  19. bunty seth says

    Great Video…

  20. Kimesa Grace says

    Coronavirus really mess my plans up.

  21. Andrey Lavrov says

    Probably, this site will help for travel during of after this pandemic: . It seems, now it's a most complete and actual database of COVID-19 travel restrictions.

  22. inst: _.luminescence_ says

    Russia in the hell,nobody gives us quarantine,people work because they want to eat, so if civilized countries will survive, Russia not. There is no medicine here. Nothing

  23. NJ says

    I am sorry but watching this now I think is quiet weird and far too early.

  24. Kyle Moore says

    Great video🥳❤️

  25. Fantabulous Travels says

    Thanks for this video. stay safe. 😊

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