How to Take Notes on a Computer: Organization Tips | Lifestyle


In this organization video, I describe some helpful tips on how to be successful when taking notes on a laptop computer. Please press the thumbs up button if you liked it and subscribe for more videos!

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  1. WILLY BURKO says

    that is helpful, thanks

  2. Paramveer Singh says

    thanks Elizabeth, your tips are helpful!

  3. ARM International says

    she said in computar but this is laptop

  4. Shashi Ranjan says

    You look beautiful lady

  5. ThatSuaveFellow says

    This was quite helpful, thanks!

  6. Marina Li says

    Really helpful! How do you make that sub bullet point?

  7. Mr InspiredMind says

    WOW I Really liked your clip! I hope we can be Friends Please make more Videos?

  8. Justin Grimaldo says

    Thanks for this! it helped a lot.

  9. Abbey cuite says

    what if your talk really fast and you can't up?

  10. Karen K. says

    Could you do video about takiego notes from textbook? 😀

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