How to shutdown someones computer using ''cmd'' (Command Prompt)


– If you typed in your own IP address and the little window came up, quickly go to cmd and type in “shutdown -a” without the speech marks to stop your PC from shutting down.

– I was literally 12 years old when i made this video, so i apologise for putting this somewhat inappropriate song in, I just put it for lolz and didn’t mean to offend anyone. I respect everyone equally, regardless of where they are from.

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  1. Jahidul islam meraj says

    In 2020??

  2. Christian123 says

    Pls sub to my channel @

  3. Christian123 says

    roses are red
    my screen is blue
    i think i deleted

  4. Carl Johnson says

    2018? Anyone home 😉

  5. Shorif Hossain says

    bad sound quality.

  6. i have a lot of sponges says

    What is that amazing song

  7. LemonAndGaming says

    9 year olds in this comment section, this is not hacking lol…
    also video creator you miiiiiiight want to upgrade your operating system as windows xp is a bit vulnerable to hacks 😉
    heres a page showing the vulnerability :


    How to get IP address

  9. SecretMinds says

    mine says request timed out

  10. Entertainment Fans says

    not working when i try this.. its shows access is denied & faild to connect registry 1326

  11. anteurz says

    nigga man's plan

  12. Uranus 223 says

    What song is that

  13. hamze ducale123 says

    the cmd that am using is not same your cmd

  14. Whinz says

    what 12 years old.. what you can do now must be crazy

  15. Scrub4Life Bro says

    whos watching in 2018 ? me? only?

  16. Tortitus says

    What song is this plz tell me

  17. Syahrul says

    hello dude im from 2017 and im just saying we already got windows 10 and its faster… and we have a better song in 2017

  18. Danger X69 says

    is this illegal?

  19. Gunny says

    omfg why is rucka rucka ali playing?

  20. mitrovicalia mitro says

    ip adresss and i do problem get my getway

  21. m.maslik says

    i hope you and your whole family gets cancer for using such a trash song

  22. Markus Carelius says

    How do i know who’s ip adress it is?

  23. RandomlyEverything says

    The racist song ruined Ur VIDEO BRO DESLIKED

  24. Action Vids says

    acce refuse

  25. MILO meme says

    Plz tell me what song is that

  26. THE GREAT PICKS says

    That song tho

  27. Borny says

    I laughed all 30 seconds from the song,whats the song?Its lol hah!

  28. That one Soggy boi says

    I am trolling so much people in my school
    But not the dicks that are gonna tell on me bit my friends

  29. faisal taher says

    omg mute the song or you will die xDDD

  30. edris mohammed says

    who is watching this in 2O17

  31. I'm person says

    i get ipv6

  32. Ak Piano Covers says

    when I typed my own ip,,why is it showing.. failed to connect to registry.??..
    some 1 please help!!!

  33. Reaction Videos! says

    1:34 Or,, Copy and paste them [if your lazy]


    whats the song?

  35. Felix Sand says

    at the computer name type in this ip adress its my friends

  36. fm radio says

    where is the song?
    by the way in the song that was not offensive for me :v cuz its just for fun :v

  37. Sam says

    Asain bully 🙁

  38. logan koester says


  39. anteurz says


  40. BoomBack says


  41. AMM says

    get the price tag off of me xD

  42. Lucas Collins says

    Whats the song please tell me

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