How To Make Video Player App In Android Studio | Show And Play Folder's Videos Tutorial – Part 8


In this video tutorial we will create a video player android app in android studio using exoplayer that is very popular in creating the video player also we will try to add many features that will make this app look user interface very nice and as always we create bug free app.
This is part 8 of the video player series and here will first get all video information from the phone storage and then we will add the fragments into the app. This series will be cut by cut all the features so you
will be able to understand each of the things from basic to a big project.
Thanks for reading this and watching the tutorial.
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  1. We Are Servants Of Allah says

    Hello sir please provide the source code of the video player

  2. Colin Mark says

    It's not showing those video folder with ".nomedia"

  3. ui ui says

    Please help when i click on videos in the file fragment the app close while the folders video work

  4. Maherukh Masood says

    Can i upload this on playstore

  5. AndStudio says

    Intent filter open my video player

  6. official TedEx says

    Great Video…all things work…but it fetch only one song from my phone not all..can you please help me Out… reference : audio player series

  7. AndStudio says

    Thanks bro…?

  8. Intisar Muhib says

    bro why my music plays in background? how to fix it?

  9. raza raza says

    Thanks for this tutorial, but why internal storage folder show all video list. But I have only 3 videos in my internal storage.

  10. Bert Ross says

    Thanks bro, next music Controls in Notification

  11. Farid Ahmad says

    how to solve see the ide log error problem ????

  12. Abo Alwaleed says

    thanks bro . please add
    1-time duration in video
    2-when select folder change title bar to name folder

  13. kali m says

    Thanks ☺️😊

  14. Intisar Muhib says

    First View

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