How to make the Crochet Shell Stitch Original Video Technical Knitting Computer Support


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Right Hand Crochet
Single Crochet – Simple Crochet

Half Double Crochet – Simple Crochet

Double Crochet – Simple Crochet

Triple Crochet – Simple Crochet

Crochet Circle – Simple Crochet

Foundation Single Crochet – Simple Crochet

Foundation Half Double Crochet – Simple Crochet

Foundation Double Crochet – Simple Crochet

Left Hand Crochet
Left Hand Slip Knot – Simple Crochet

Left Hand Crochet Chain – Simple Crochet

Left Hand Single Crochet – Simple Crochet

Left Hand Half Double Crochet – Simple Crochet

Left Hand Double Crochet – Simple Crochet

Left Hand Triple Crochet – Simple Crochet

Left Hand Foundation Single Crochet – Simple Crochet

Left Hand Foundation Half Double Crochet – Simple Crochet

Left Hand Foundation Double Crochet – Simple Crochet

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  1. Sher's Artwork says

    Thanks for sharing. I have watched a few on this style and have made a couple, but can not find a way to make a boarder even. Can you do a video on squaring the blanket up and making a boarder?

  2. Nesrin Celiloğlu says



  3. Sierra0209 says

    la traduction est vraiment pas top , pas trés crédible , les obus (missiles) s y promènent

  4. libby Landscape says

    Thank you for the very easy to follow tutorial. The subtitles were hilarious and added to the fun. You must have used something like google translate, my phone attempts to translate my messages into text and they end up looking very similar. LOL

  5. Beata Constantinou says

    Super filmik b.dobrze wytlumaczony dziekuje🙂

  6. Tina Sterrett says

    This is the best. I can clearly see.

  7. Braeden Saucier says

    Do you know if this stitch could be used to make round crafts, like gloves?

  8. Tuğba tugbanin_dunyasii says

    Bu nasıl bir Türkçe çeviri 🤦🏻‍♀️

  9. aikaterini filiagou says

    καταπληκτικη!!!!!!!!!!!!! καλα Χριστουγεννα!!!!!!!!Μerry christmas!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Duibhir Ni Maolmmhauid says

    tutorial great, but who wrote the subtitles…OMG

  11. I have to ask…how did you get captions in all languages to come up on your YouTube? By the way, I plan to utilize your pattern in a rainbow effect.

  12. Luz Rodriguez says

    great tutorial! The subtitles are not right though.

  13. Jerry Casso says


  14. Susi M says

    Loved the way you showed and explained how. Thank you for the video

  15. Denizin Elişi Günlüğü says

    beğendim abone oldum sizde bana abone olurmusunuz

  16. Savita Nagpal says


  17. Carolyn Jordan says

    How long would I, make this for a baby blanket.

  18. Vivian Marbury says

    Teresa, thank you for your post. i made ear warmers and i love them.

  19. Vera do Rego Lima says

    I loved the way you teach. I have been doing some projects but I am still a learn. Could you please give me one direction, since my baby booties for new born come always big. I tryied different hook's sizes doing the sole with 9 stitches, working on single crochet, half double crochet, but I do not get to make them. Thank you

  20. Cool Crafty Creations says

    Teresa, how can I make this into a hat, or a earwarmer?

  21. Wolfrhyme says

    Wow, so easy to follow your video, thank you for doing this

  22. Black Swan says


  23. Lucas Girl says

    The closed captioning needs to be fixed. The sentences aren't making sense

  24. Debbie Perkins says

    Would the pattern work if the first "foundation" row was SC across the row. Then on the next row start ROW 1? I'd like to add a boarder and the bottom doesn't seem "at least to me" sturdy enough to do so. Thanks again for all your videos 🙂



  26. Marz Barz says

    can a shell have 3 dc or is it always 5 dc?

  27. Lana Schieferstein says

    Like slow. Motion

  28. Linda Daley says

    Could you please do a tutorial on how to do the double shell stitch? Thanks

  29. Dana Shaw says

    I love this and all of your videos. Is there a way to decrease the sides in order to form a triangle shaped piece instead of a square?

  30. ANA MARIA Botero says

    okay thanks..!!!!

  31. khirstyn Short says

    Thanks for doing this at a speed we can roll along with and simply making it easy for us to tag along!

  32. Dynishal Gross says

    I just made a small blanket for my coming baby using this tutorial. Thanks ever so much for the attention to clear filming and instruction. I'm thinking now of adding a fun, bumpy border around all sides. Would you recommend adding a foundation of single or double crochet around the perimeter first? Any recommendations about trimming this blanket would be greatly appreciated, whether from the OP or other crocheters. Thanks!

  33. Martin Ngigi says

    The best demonstration I have really enjoyed so far.

  34. Stefania Arnone says

    Hallo, here i am again, sorry, but your italian translation is wrong

  35. Stefania Arnone says

    La traduzione dall 'inglese all' italiano è errata, non si può tradurre letteralmente perché ci sono termini precisi nel linguaggio dei lavori a uncinetto

  36. tami connell says

    love your hook I am going to try to make some like it

  37. Clare Nelson says

    My project is started, thank you easy and simple instructions. Whoop whoop

  38. Sher Wood says

    Thank you, the perfect stitch for the trim of my bolero which I needed today!

  39. Erika Lopez says



  40. snefos37 snefos37 says

    Nice tutorial! Thank you….. the subtitles were cracking me up though in some parts lol 🙂

  41. Melissa Diem says

    Nice tutorial. Helped with a project I'm about to start. I had closed captioning enabled from another video that had terrible sound. Just so the poster knows- the captioning on this is terrible/hilarious. Sound is good so you know what she's saying which makes the misquoted captions silly. Don't know who is in charge of that lol. Seems like an auto detection type of thing. Just about every sentence is screwy.

  42. A Bird says

    excellent video can't wait to get started many thanks. :):)

  43. Charlene Leger says

    can this pattern be made with multiples of three skip 2 three stitches in next stitche etc

  44. Donna Hack says

    Anyone have a pattern for a toaster cover, 2 slice?

  45. CherylRan22 says

    Very easy to understand. Mine turned out beautifully! Thank you 🙂

  46. Mark Wise says

    thank you for this tutorial.  I am a newbie for crocheting and am teaching myself with books, and videos I can find.  I tried a classic shell baby afgan that I found online, however I always have trouble with the ends not looking correct.  I like your tutorial, cause it shows the chain is part of the first double crochet of the shell.  no one had mentioned that before. Second, I like that you advise to use a bigger crochet needle when making your first row/chain, so it is not tighter than the remaining rows.  Since I'm new, I happen to find my first row is tight, so this is a very good tip.  Good Job! 

  47. Lana Sajaja says

    Nice work but too slow for me 🙂

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