How to Make Rice Crispy: Secret Bangkok Street Food Recipe


Come join me on a mini tour of the Old City of Thailand! I got to visit the oldest street food cart in Thailand running over 90 years. Her flavors were of the royal dynasty flavors. The best thai snack in my book, the rice crispy treats. She was offering her rice crispy snacks with 4 different dips. My favorite dip was the spicy curry dip that is made of minced pork stewed in a curry sauce. She was so happy to share her yummy creations with me.

I also visited the oldest, most famous Roti store in Bangkok. They are known for their curry dips with the roti and the famous ones are red curry, green curry, massaman curry, and yellow curry. I got to enjoy the original sweet version of the roti that is topped with sweetened condensed milk. We are selling this at EnjoyMint Fresh Thai Kitchen in Richardson Texas and it has been a big hit! We cut them into easy to eat triangles, crispy fry them, and then top it off with sweetened condensed milk and powered sugar. They are so yummy and especially with thai tea or thai coffee that we offer as well. Great morning breakfast, mid morning or afternoon snack.
This roti is one of the sweet snacks I grew up with when I lived in Thailand.
My favorite is the roti with fresh banana and topped with sweet condense milk. They have so many versions that you could have a different roti for everyday of the month. Always start with the classic roti! You will be able to find a Roti cart everywhere on the streets where there is a tourist attraction, and on the beaches. Kids love watch the Roti being made and eat them, adults love to eat them and it’s one of the best desserts to eat after a spicy meal!

Our last stop was a walk to the chao praya river enjoying the sunset. I was only a street light away from the Praatit dock that is the stop to get to the famous Khao San road in Bangkok. This is the street where all the hostals and tourists like to hang out. I ended my trip with a little shopping down the street, a bowl of noodles and a thai massage before heading home.

Thanks for joining me on a another soul feeding trip in Bangkok full of food, culture, and travels.

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