1. Ramon Jose Garcia says

    Wow. That was a fast direct to the point video. Excellent!


    Good vid

  3. Michael Teeple says

    Dude, you scare me but im gonna see if I learn which pins to jump. Yep, thanks

  4. MicTheGreaseMonkey says

    Hay man good vid ! Ive got a commodore aswell (vx) my a/c. isnt working & wanted to jump it @ the a./c. relay ! Any idea what pins i need 2 join. Thought i would ask u science u would know what relay i am referring 2 as it is a bit smaller than the other relays in the fuse box..

  5. Sharonda says

    Does this work on a 2006 mpv madza

  6. Official Childish,jay says

    What was that price he was using🤔

  7. johnny Macon says

    Will this work on cars with electronic throttle bodies 🤔???

  8. xxTR3Y_WAYxx_69 says

    I have got a vz with this exact problem there is a wire coming out from the fuse box you have to have in on the battery to start it then remove it how do I fix this problem???? Need help

  9. Matthew Mann says

    What if I have no power going into fusebox where my starter relay is plugged in

  10. Mathew Azzopardi says

    Legend 🤙

  11. Marsie vlogs says

    Hi! Will it work in Ford escape?

  12. PJ Will says

    What did you use to push down in the starter relay plug? Can I use something around the house to do that?

  13. Bailey Nicholas says

    Thansk mate this really helped👍

  14. athreeboy says

    What is the next step if this doesn't work

  15. Syed Siraj Rizvi says

    I tried doing that but it didn’t start. What seems to be an issue?

  16. Michael D’Angelo says

    Why can’t you just take a relay from somewhere else in the compartment for starting and put it back after start?

  17. CJ Fuller says

    Didn't work on 06 GTO. I thought there the same as Holden?

  18. Mike Richardson says

    Cheers mate got the car going

  19. Jamarr Vaughn says

    How you wire push start to the relay pins

  20. Philcan Is-on says

    This is not gonna work if Ignition Switch is not functioning and has immobilizer alarm icon on your dash.

  21. e ForEffort says

    What are the dangers of doing this too many times to your vehicle? Please respond

  22. Pp Rz says

    Going to try it in my w204

  23. Cedrick Craft says

    I have a 1996 Toyota Avalon and I'm trying to jump-start it because when I turn the key nothing happens. I was told it was my starter. When I try it your way it doesn't work or I'm doing it wrong. Can you please help ASAP?

  24. Brett Harrison says

    Worked perfectly on my VZ Holden with the stuffed computer.

  25. jay glass says

    Worked for me, 2005 Kia Rio Cinco Manual, think I still have some other slight issues but better than keeping on cranking key and holding clutch and brake in! Thanks man!

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