How To Install Movie Box On iOS 7-9 | No Jailbreak Needed | Fixed Version – Won't Crash


What’s up guys, RedXTech here, and in this video I am showing you how to install movie box on iOS 7-9. This time, it will not crash every time you re-boot your device. You do need to keep the profile installed, or else movie box will stop working.

Updated IOSEmus:


Thank for watching!

  1. Eyal Nisanyan says


  2. Chamar Riche says

    Omg thank you so much it was so good that I did it on my 3rd electronic can u do it on laptops

  3. Kay Smith says

    Don't work for 4s I phone

  4. RiceGumFTW says

    Help it says unable to download

  5. Josh Hurd says

    It started downloading and the circle was complete. Then the app went black and a pop up came up saying "movie box was unable to instal at this time, please try again later" I have tried to do it again and the same error please help

  6. Hiro says

    are you sure it wont crash? like seriously? coz that would be awesome if you could confirm it to me

  7. Mari Ramos says

    you are the best.. after trying everything nothing work until i try what you explain in the video thanks>>

  8. Britney Aliyah says


  9. El Tuani says

    Thank you very much I really appreciate it. And I hope never crash like before

  10. Carrell Carter says

    thank you soon much i finally got it to work on my phone after watching multiple videos of nonsense

  11. D.R. LITTLEJOHN says

    Just put it on an ipad, works good. Good looking out!

  12. Maxy says

    Worked for me, thanks!

  13. ReCoN__ says

    unable to install :/

  14. Jamila Horton says


  15. Alma Perez says

    show box

  16. Rozay Moe says

    Any solutions yet to the unable to download error that some keep getting??

  17. Sadeed says

    I am having the same problem, I can't download Moviebox because after I click install I have to wait a few min then it says unable to download. Can someone give me a solution

  18. Olivier Kokkedee says

    I've already installed it once, but I still can't open it! It opens for one second, but after that it crashes!

  19. S619jensen says

    This app worked for 2 days

  20. Αργύρης Ζάχαρης says

    i tryed this method but also the method from vshare but i think they shut it down.I can't download it nowhere.Please help!Also if you can suggest a similar app like moviebox with subs thanks!

  21. jroccdagameboy says

    I do all the steps but movie box says unable to download

  22. ItzKiwiHere says

    When I got iosemus I got movie box then I resented my iPad and now it crashes any fix!?!

  23. Darius Urbanek says

    wooow !! works on my ipad 3 ios 9.1

  24. callofduty8116 says

    it worked

  25. Nelda Munoz says

    Can you tell me if I am doing something wrong. I added it but as the Moviebox is loading and error appears. "unable to download app-moviebox could not be installed at this time. Help please?

  26. Rela says

    Another one of these :I #SUBSCRIBERGREEDY jk

  27. Adobeh says

    Nice bro! Btw I'm opskillz 😛

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