How to fix a Hot / Stuck pixel on Sony A6300


So I’ve only had the camera for about 2 months now and I was shooting some low light stuff and I noticed in playback on my computer that there was a white dot in every shot. I’ve seen this before on my old T3i. I had to send that away to get fixed. Luckily there is a way to remap the sensor yourself.

I found this solution on Google. I may or may not work for you.

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  1. Bajo says

    Worked great on my a6000, tyvm!

  2. Denny says

    Thank you so much! I'm surprised this video doesn't have more views!

  3. VliDono says

    Just noticed one red pixel an my sensor, was devastated, because, I got a pretty big video shoot coming the next day… you just saved my life. THANK YOU!!!!

  4. Jakub Krawczyk says

    I wanted to give away my a6100 because of the red and white pixels. After your advice, the problem is gone. Thanks!

  5. Tomáš Veselý says

    Doesnt work for me (6400)

  6. More Than the Mind says

    This worked on my a6400 – thank you!!

  7. Alpha Casual says

    Just got a new a6400 had like 5 stuck pixels, this fixed it i love you thank you <3

  8. Muter Terus says

    I was very upset and frustrated about the red dot in all of my footages. Then I found your video! Thankyou very much man!

  9. eraser1112 says

    works on a6400 like a charm, thank you!!

  10. airscrew1 says

    I just got a brand spanking new Fuji XT-3 and that has a hot pixel. I only noticed it in a low light shot. I know I can get rid of it but it's bloody annoying as I've never had a hot/stuck pixel on any other digital camera I've owned.

  11. gamerpaddy says

    thanks it worked, i had a white one on the upper right, it was even visible on the display. did this once and it was gone.

  12. therip79 says

    yea… today appear a blue dot in my a5100. you save me. tnx

  13. JaRew says

    I had HUNDREDS of “Hot Pixels” which a repair place said were “Dead Pixels” and quoted me ~$700 to repair. I was legitimately giving up for months on ever fixing my camera and you’ve just shown me how. Honestly. Can’t thank you enough!

  14. PatekAo says

    Oh my god, never trusted videos like this, but it saved my a6400. I had white pixel that showed up between two days with camera turned off. Fixed in 15sec. Thank you man, if god exists, bless you.

  15. OK C O R E says

    Thanks man! I was so scared for a huge white pixel

  16. Aiur Productions says

    thanks for the video but my sensor seems to have a scratch, 3 dots in a row, can't get rid of it with this method 🙁

  17. Surendra Narwariya says

    Thank you so much bro its really worked 100%

  18. Arseni Timofeev says

    Awesome! Canon method ( sensor cleaning with cup on ) didn't work and You just saved my day!

  19. Wheezy Reviews says

    Thanks, this fixed my a5100

  20. Caden says

    I got the a 6300 and I had a blue stuck pixel thank you sooooo much it was freaking me out but it’s all fixed now!

  21. Ddespair Ddespair says

    Does anyone know of a fix for the Sony HXR-NX100? 🙁

  22. Marcus Waller says

    I could hug you right now lmao thanks a ton saved my camera

  23. kepusek says

    YOU SAVED MY LIFE DUDE!!! Thank you so much….blue pixel on my a6300,,and now it's gone,,,it's magic…

  24. Alessandro Rosso says

    I got a red pixel today on my camera, I was really sad and frustrated, then I found your video, thank yoi man, I solved my problem!!

  25. elserlli says

    incredible this really works thanks bro!! 😀

  26. Victor Victor says

    Works on a6000 as well, just tried it now! Thank you for the video, man. Could not find a solution for it on the web.

  27. Pop Marius says

    Worked on a7iii 😀 I`ve had exactly the same white pixel and was just about to send the camera in service when i found this video. I can`t belive this worked. Thank you! Also great content. New subscriber here

  28. The Riddler's Question says

    love you bro, thank you so so much

  29. RagingBubuli says

    I wont notice that if you havent poin't it out.

  30. Conor Gavin says

    you've just saved my life!! thanks buddy

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